A Jones Day employee has been given a police caution for sexually harassing a colleague at the firm's London office.

A Jones Day partner confirmed to RollOnFriday that an employee had been cautioned by police for his behaviour. He declined to specify the perpetrator's role at the firm, but said that the man had been fired.


"After this do you want to paginate my bundle? That's a euphemism. I know you know that. You're smart as well as sexy. Let me supervise you with my eyes."

Jones Day is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to internal affairs and would not comment on the partner's claims on the record. Recently it even refused to provide a breakdown of its trainee retention rate. Jones Day staff are more open, however, and have referred on several occasions to a spicy culture at the London office. In the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2016 survey, a respondent commented that partners "have a healthy sex life and sense of social responsibility - they help their trainees and secretaries by sleeping with them". Others referred to "horny partners running around the place sleeping with their trainees and associates", who, "cannot be gotten rid of because they provide so much mirth to the rest of the office with their sexcapades". A trainee was more enigmatic and said that work, "can lead to late nights, but they too are often enjoyable".

Meanwhile, others purporting to work at the firm have claimed that a significant reason some home-grown partners have not moved from Jones Day is the "legacy sexual harassment suits they would bring with them". Another said, "some of the partners I had the (dis)pleasure to work with on deals were genuine sex pests, who should have been locked up ages ago". Although such comments could just be the lies of a bitter employee fired for bad touching.

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Anonymous 01 September 16 23:34

I had to give up my ass (literally) to make senior associate there. Still traumatised no matter how much therapy I do. Sex is a beautiful but important and spiritual thing, boys and girls, don't let some powerful man into your body no matter what he offers.

Anonymous 02 September 16 08:27

Isn't the story here that someone behaved unacceptably and was fired (as they should be)? ROF does seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession that Jones Day is BAD, presumably because it doesn't release financial figures, or tell you how many trainees it is keeping on. Even its pretty decent Firm of the Year scoring merited an absolute kicking, usually reserved for the Golden Turd winner. I worked there for years (and I have moved on now, so am not under some strange brain-washed influence) and whereas it isn't perfect, and yes some people do need to behave better, I found the partners to be good lawyers, hard working and effective. Over many years, I did come across bullying behaviour and relationships in the office, but sadly that seems to happen at most firms from time to time, and I was less embarrassed being a partner there than at my next firm, where management pretended to the partners and the employees that such things never happened and refused to deal with them.

Anonymous 02 September 16 15:40

Jones Day refuses to acknowledge how widespread this problem is. While I was there, two female associates were asked to leave for having a relationship with their bosses - incredible that the woman's career always suffers while the men go on with their lives.

Anonymous 02 September 16 17:09

Have a gander at the number of women who make it to senior levels as litigators at JD in London and you may start to understand...

Anonymous 02 September 16 23:02

That's one of the perks of being a partner. Banging whoever you want. I am not even kidding. The people complaining about this are the middle management pussies.

Anonymous 03 September 16 13:55

Here we go again.....bitter ex employees spreading poison. Jones Day has some of the nicest partners I have ever worked for.

Anonymous 05 September 16 20:27

What else can you expect from a firm which officially represents the Trump campaign and RNC

Anonymous 07 September 16 17:11

No surprises here folks, it's Jones Day after all.

Run while you still can, it's a rapidly sinking ship, reputation and market-wise.

Anonymous 09 September 16 12:06

During my time at the firm I thought they had the some of the nicest, most academically robust and well-hung partners I've ever come across.

Anonymous 09 September 16 17:57

Last time they had an alumni do there, there was a fight between two ex-JD/Gouldens people and the security guy (who shares his name with a famous soul singer) had to break it up. To be fair, he's bigger than both of them put together, though.

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