Dozens of lawyers in Clyde & Co's San Francisco office have quit en masse to set up a new firm, RollOnFriday has learned. 

Eight partners have resigned. Joan D'Ambrosio, Christina Terplan, Julie Hawkinson, Jamie Narbaitz, Bill Casey, Christina Marshall, Eric Moon and David Jordan are understood to be departing with around 30 lawyers.
D'Ambrosio’s team was focused on tech errors and omissions and cyber coverage and monitoring work, while Casey’s group focused on coverage and monitoring in the architects, engineers and lawyers space. The loss will slash Clyde & Co's San Fran office by approximately a third. The denuded office will have close to 100 people and 13 partners. 


"I can't believe we got 40 people in the trunk."

In a statement the firm told RollOnFriday, "We wish the team well as they set up an independent law firm and are working amicably and constructively with them to achieve as smooth a transition as possible for all parties."

RollOnFriday understands the lawyers are leaving to set up a new firm. If so, it means two groups of Clydes lawyers have absconded to set up boutique practices in one week.

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Anonymous 13 September 19 13:40

Sounds like something fishy's been going on at Clydes...

Anonymous 13 September 19 16:57

I've heard the US branch of the firm is cratering.   

AntiTroll 16 September 19 17:03

"I've heard the US branch...blah, blah, blah"

At least check your facts before you troll. They've more than one office. Durhhhhh !

Hungry whale waiting 18 September 19 10:28

Woah, that's a lot of leavers

Anon 18 September 19 21:25

Clydes’ star has fallen.  


Anonymous 21 September 19 20:19

Gc wont be happy

anonymous 22 September 19 10:10

It's been run as close to the line as possible in every sense  for decades. Every corner cut to maximise cash flow which is king for Clydes. Dog eat dog environment.Now Hasson has walked because he won't share power with a real senior partner (the last two have resigned prematurely) and the wheels are going to come off quickish. 

Anonymous 23 September 19 22:01

If cash flow wasnt king anonymous 22/9 clydes would be halliwells u can say what u like about the place but at least its solvent stupid comment

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