BDB Pitmans has suspended its Chief Operating Officer.

Mark Jones is a member of BDB Pitman’s executive board and as COO is responsible for the firm's financial and operational performance. Or he was, until he was recently relieved of his duties by his partners.

It is not clear whether their concerns arise from the recent merger between BDB and Pitmans. A source claimed that Jones's suspension related to financial issues, but Andrew Smith, BDB Pitmans Managing Partner, denied this was the case.

“BDB Pitmans, like all firms, may from time to time conduct internal investigations in relation to staff members", Smith told RollOnFriday, implying breezily that there was nothing to see here. "We never comment on them due to obligations of confidentiality to our employees". However, said Smith, "We can confirm that we are not conducting any investigations relating to any financial impropriety or irregularity at the firm”.


Apologies if we've misunderstood and he's actually been literally suspended, for some performance art.

Pre-merger, Jones was the COO of legacy Bircham Dyson Bell, which he joined in 2011. He previously held positions as group finance and operations director for Maples and Calder, group finance director for Mourant Group and vice president at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

His secretary was unable to say when he would be back at work.

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