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'It's no sacrifice at all'

Ayesha Vardag, the self-styled diva of divorce, gave one of her lawyers the most celebtastic trainee task RollOnFriday has yet encountered.

Plenty of solicitors can cite the time they were told to fetch their supervisor's smelly kit from the gym, or to complete a partner’s kid’s homework. But fewer can say they had to fly a frock to Elton John’s party in the south of France.

That was the extracurricular errand handed out to a Vardags trainee when its CEO needed just the right look for an event with the superstar songsmith.

“This was in summer 2019, long before Covid", Vardag confirmed to RollOnFriday. 

"I put out an open offer to the trainees to see if anyone wanted to have a day out of the office bringing me my dress to the Cote d'Azur where I was attending Elton John’s party, an important networking event".  

"I accepted the first of numerous enthusiastic offers", she said.

The trainee had to fly to France and back in a day, but she wasn’t fobbed off with a departure lounge croissant. "I gave the trainee a glamorous lunch and time at the beach, all of which she said was a fantastic way to break up the week", Vardag told RollOnFriday. 

"We all look back nostalgically to the golden days when that sort of thing was happening", she added.

Ex-Vardags trainees may also look back nostalgically on being employed by the firm, as it appears that in Autumn 2020 only one of its five NQs was retained on qualification. But what memories.

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Ouch 05 February 21 09:22

Loved the stinging comment at the end RoF! 

Anonymous 05 February 21 10:42

Sounds like a responsible way to use fossil fuels

Bernie Taupin 05 February 21 10:42

‘I’m still standing (in the security line at terminal 4)’

Anonymous 05 February 21 10:44

Admittedly, as a trainee I did love a hand delivery in the middle of summer but this is a bit much...

Bernice Taupin 05 February 21 10:48

I guess that’s why they call it Vardags

BT 05 February 21 11:11

‘This trainee don’t stop there anymore’

Anonymous 05 February 21 11:55

I had to go and get a partner a new pair of tights once.

Being a simple lad from the country it was a challenging  experience to venture into the hosiery/lingerie department of the nearest branch of M&S. 

It was a lot like the episode of Father Ted ("largest lingerie department in Ireland"), but no Golden Cleric award for me.

59 05 February 21 13:53

I had to pick up a smelly gym kit. It felt good. Like I was his favourite. Law what did you do to me?

Des O’Connor 05 February 21 17:03

Can’t decide whether it was queuing for a Harry Potter book for the little princess of a Partner or taking his car to Kwik Fit for a new tyre which ranks as my most edifying experience as aTrainee. To be fair, I enjoyed both assignments and got to showcase my flair for the mundane.

Anonymous 05 February 21 17:07

No dress shops in South of France?

Anonymous 05 February 21 19:22

Anonymous 05 February 21 17:07

No dress shops in South of France?

You think it was over the counter, ready-to-wear? 


Toby Gaylord, Designer to the Stars 06 February 21 01:45

Anonymous 05 February 21 17:07

No dress shops in South of France?

Shops?  SHOPS?


You don't buy dresses like that in shops dahling.

Val Doonican 06 February 21 06:13

Who got to deliver the matching cardigan?

Anonymous 06 February 21 09:23

For the people who downvoted 19:22.

That dress will have been one-off, made-to-measure and cost more than half your annual salary.

Unless you work in Business Services - in which case delete the word half from the previous sentence.

Anonymous 07 February 21 10:45

I think she paid RoF to post this. 

Anonymous 07 February 21 21:12

I wonder if it's a tax write-off.  After all, she's there networking for her business and she's got to look the part.

You don't wear a Primark party dress to one of Elton's hootenannies. 

Or at least not unless you want them to mistake you for a cleaner..

Anonymous 08 February 21 12:06

My last trainee used to tell me to F off when I asked her to make me a brew. She'll go far. 

Anonymous 08 February 21 19:20

My supervisor was headed to a fancy dress party after work and was dismayed to find that the boiler suit she'd ordered online made her look decidedly unsexy. I sewed it tighter for her and lent her a belt; making her look fit certainly made for a more fun afternoon than the 15 STFs she'd originally tasked me with!

TBF this Vardags expedition to France sounds like a fantastic day out; not surprised she had trainees tripping over themselves to go!

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