RollOnFriday's Rapid Response Unit was activated this week, after receiving complaints about the standard of the canteen food at the College of Law in Guildford. 

To help with Unit's investigation into the state of law school catering, please take a picture of your law school canteen lunch and send it to [email protected] (or you could tweet it to us @rollonfridayweb) with the following details:

  • Name of your law school;
  • Name of your lunch;
  • Price of your lunch; and
  • If you would like to win the prize (see below), your name and where we can contact you. 
We'll put together a rogue's gallery of the very finest offerings and take the winner out to lunch. So get snapping now. 

    ...and two portions of chips please

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Anonymous 18 November 11 10:22

When I was at COL in Birmingham the canteen was called Sam'n'Ella's...doesn't fill you with much confidence does it...

Anonymous 18 November 11 11:30

as a law student at Univeristy of Liverpool the canteen was wittily called Invitation to Treat! ho ho ho!!

Anonymous 18 November 11 17:11

They should just be glad to have a canteen! Some of us have to go and buy our lunch, or make it in advance.

Anonymous 18 November 11 20:07

the cafe in the CoL in Birmingham resembles a scaled down version of an aeroplane hanger.

[code]only less exciting[/code]

Anonymous 19 November 11 11:34

Oh trust me, the Guildford canteen also looks like an airplane hangar and its got that awful 1970s architechture (although that's probably a matter of personal taste!)

Plus, id be happy for it to have a name - at least Sam n Ella's sounds friendly!

The food @ Guildford is better than it used to be but thats really not saying much! The sandwiches are atrocious - soggy thin bread with the most random fillings - brie and grape just doesn't do it for me in between litigation and property....