Burges Salmon could find itself homeless after the developer of its new office went into administration.

The Bristol firm is currently divided between three offices, and was looking forward to uniting all its staff under one roof at One Glass Wharf, in Temple Quay, in May 2010.  However, the company building the new office, Castlemore Securities, has gone bust leaving Burges Salmon with a half built office and no doubt a pile of new furniture with nowhere to go.

Senior partner Guy Stobart emailed staff to reassure them that work was still continuing on the building despite Castlemore's collapse (although no one is sure quite how much work as the building has already been fitted with mirrored windows).


Work continues at Burges Salmon's new offices
The firm told RollOnFriday that it was "reviewing its options". When asked for further details, RollOnFriday learnt that it was "too early at this stage to say what those options might be". Which when fed into RollOnFriday's ever accurate language translator, means "staff had better get used to working from home".
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