A superb entry into the bonkers law firm website hall of fame this week: meet the lawyers of Farrar Gesini Dunn, forced to pose with a prop to prove they have a life outside the office.

RollOnFriday has had a go at interpreting the photos (but if you want the more likely explanations, visit the firm's website):

  Adam dribbles at his desk

Jim spends his spare time with
his hand up an orangutan's arse

Dara doesn't understand why she's
always left off the Friday drinks list

Magda hasn't got time for this

Hands up if you use Right Guard

Release the gimp, Denis



Anna is not allowed within 200 yards
of Justin Bieber

Seriously, wtf?

Jessica has a doctorate.
Do you see what she did there?


Ann needs to get out more

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Anonymous 12 April 13 09:56

This is incredible. The descriptions are just as good. There are endless examples, but this is the first I read in Juliette Ford's profile:

"If you needed to cross a river with a bag of corn, a chicken and a fox; Juliette would find a way. And she’d do it without raising a sweat. Cooler than a refrigerated cucumber, there isn’t anything Juliette can’t do."


Anonymous 12 April 13 10:06

What a great start to a Friday. This has made me laugh. And I don't laugh that often.

Anonymous 12 April 13 10:10

Shame you didn't put a pick of the one with the Dame Edna glasses up as well - that would have got full comedy value. I suspect your researchers/editor aren't putting enough effort into this.

Anonymous 14 April 13 15:10

Sarah Keenan has well toned calves from cycling. Exactly what I wanted to know when choosing a lawyer...

Anonymous 15 April 13 15:51

I can't think of any good reason why I'd not want this bunch of exhibitionist nutcases acting for me in a bit of tricky litigation.
I suppose the orangutan puppet would break the ice in mediations...?

Anonymous 08 August 13 07:25

Adam is not a dribbler, I can confirm he knows how to kiss without dribbling

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