This week's bonkers is a legal and financial services firm named after the South American creature known for spitting, being hairy, and looking like one of God's jokes: the alpaca.

Leeds-based firm Alpaca has shown real commitment to its brand by shoehorning references to its name throughout the website, no matter how tenuous, tedious or nonsensical. 


Straining the analogy to breaking point, staff are introduced on the site with examples of how much they are like an alpaca. Or in some cases, how they are not at all like an alpaca. Or in some cases, how they are not unlike an alpaca.

Anna has been sent to another field until she can learn to bugle quietly:


After spitting, the second-most irritating habit of this Alpaca is her humming:


Louisa doesn't mind life in the zoo:


Kate yearns to be released back into the wild:


Richard used to defecate on the photocopier, but the firm can proudly reveal that he is now house-trained:


Taylor is the alpha alpaca and repeatedly headbutts Richard in front of the herd:


Rob has accepted that he'll never be the alpha:


At client lunches, Sarah grazes on grass, leaves and wood bark:


Leah got her dating profile and Alpaca profile mixed up:




Alpaca's woolly site is here. It is fair to say that it is not the first firm to base its whole identity on its name

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Anonymous 27 July 18 10:00

Don't knock an Alpaca until you have worked with one! Calm, curious and fun; what's not to love?

Anonymous 27 July 18 10:15

You don’t have to be keeerrrrrrrrazy to work here but it helps!!

David Brent eat your heart out.

Anonymous 27 July 18 10:25

Right then alpacas. There are two ways we can do this. We can do it the way it has always been done, which has the advantages of being tried and tested, plus of course we'll all know what we're doing. Or we can do it...differently.

Anonymous 27 July 18 13:13

Who wakes up and thinks “I know, I’ll start a law firm with an animal theme and I will be taken seriously”?

Anonymous 27 July 18 13:36

Alpaca is a trading name of Alt-Legal Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with number 09227003. We are also regulated, as solicitors practising in England and Wales, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (the “SRA”). Our SRA Number is 619541.

When I set up I had to use my surname - Law Society rule; much more boring. I could have been Sheep or Lesser Spotted Lizard or something had the rules been different. Now I could be Tiger Solicitors.