The full results are set out in Inside Info. However, basically Gilbert + Tobin wiped the board, coming first in three out of the four most important categories (pay, career prospects and its handling of the downturn).
Newcomer Henry Davis York clinched the title for the firm which treats its staff the best. With just one office in Sydney, the 200 lawyer outfit apparently prides itself on having a "one team" atmosphere. And comments from associates back this up. The firm not only had "no formal redundancy programs or pay freezes", but it "recently raised meal allowances for lawyers working late".

Lander & Rogers, another new entrant to the table, performed solidly and took the title of best party firm. Staff say it has "good team morale" and "great staff benefits" despite a few "ego-centric partners". There was praise also for consistently strong performer Lavan Legal - "we are spoilt: we have a personal trainer, breakfast and our efforts are rewarded", and the firm "has a very good approach to a balanced lifestyle". Piper Alderman also did well, with "nice offices, nice culture and smart partners". Even if some of them are "stuffy old men who sometimes have stuffy attitudes".

At the arse end of the table, HWL Ebsworth came bottom at pretty much everything. Mills Oakley was slammed for the state of its dunnies with one lawyer pleading, "we're moving to new offices in Feb, please let this improve the quality of the bathrooms!" And there is grave news for lawyers at Minter Ellison. Last year's reasonable score of 60% for its biscuits has dropped to just 29% after it "switched from specially made ones to Arnotts Assorted range".

  Pay  Prospects  Downturn  Treatment  Biscuits  Toilets  Parties 
Gilbert & Tobin  Gilbert & Tobin Gilbert & Tobin  Henry Davis York  Henry Davis York  Henry Davis York  Lander & Rogers 
Lander & Rogers  Lavan Legal  Lander & Rogers  Gilbert & Tobin  Lander & Rogers  Gilbert & Tobin  Piper Alderman 
Piper Alderman  Corrs Chambers Westgarth  Henry Davis York      Lavan Legal  Gilbert & Tobin  Piper Alderman      Lavan Legal 
Henry Davis York  Baker & McKenzie  Lavan Legal  Piper Alderman  Freehills  Lavan Legal  Mills Oakley 
Lavan Legal  Piper Alderman  Piper Alderman  DibbsBarker  Clayton Utz  Arnold Bloch Liebler  Henry Davis York 

Pay    Prospects Downturn    Treatment Biscuits Toilets Parties
22 Mallesons Middletons Minter Ellison DLA Phillips Fox McCullough Robertson Thomson Playford Cutlers DLA Phillips Fox
23 Middletons Holding Redlich DLA Phillips Fox Gadens Lawyers Thomson Playford Cutlers DibbsBarker Maddocks
24 Thomson Playford Cutlers Deacons Holding Redlich Deacons Minter Ellison McCullough Robertson Deacons
25 Holding Redlich Thomson Playford Cutlers HWL Ebsworth Thomson Playford Cutlers Mills Oakley HWL Ebsworth Thomson Playford Cutlers
26 HWL Ebsworth HWL Ebsworth Thomson Playford Cutlers HWL Ebsworth HWL Ebsworth Mills Oakley HWL Ebsworth
See Inside Info for the full results.
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