Angry typer

"Here's some gossip for you, you *****"

I'm sorry to have to report that our tips folder was misused recently.

We're sympathetic to Slater and Gordon staff, but management probably don't like us very much.

Which means this message almost certainly came from the top:

nasty real nasty

The piece they're touting is to do with S&G acquiring a personal injury business, I think, and it's doubtless great news. Of course, as Slaters has also been busy axing staff - fee-earners this week - it remains pretty easy to do a 'negative' (accurate) story on the firm.

I'm not sure who would go to the effort of demanding positive PR like this, although we do know that at least one of their directors loves a swear. But, ok, credit where credit's due - well done, S&G. Onwards and upwards!



Ex S&G 23 October 20 21:15

S&G don’t want to be a law firm they want to be a services business.  Can someone tell me what that means?

Ironic 24 October 20 11:06


Rob 24 October 20 11:17

Slaters are losing fee earners not just through redundancy. They are replacing lawyers with automated systems because IT experts give great legal advice. 

Andrew Grech 24 October 20 16:08

The place is falling apart rrom what I hear from friends still working there. The hollowing out of departments continues apace. The cuts imposed by  Anchorage Capital are to make it attractive to a buyer and they are desperate to sell and recoup something on their huge outlay. This has been a huge error by this private equity fund and I can't see any PE firm moving into the legal sector ever again. There is just no money in it compared to other sectors such as fintech or emerging markets.

Anonymous 28 October 20 00:52

Whatever happened to that great post about 2 people eyeing each other across the nightclub at 2am and saying "you'll do"?

Shit & Glitter 29 October 20 10:26

Life at S&G now

“Right, people. Listen up! It’s a fucking lockdown right now! We are in a prison drama. This is the fucking Shawshank Redemption, right? But with more tunnelling through shit and no fucking redemption"


Anonymous 04 November 20 22:22

Why does third party ownership of law firms never work? Well:

1. cutting costs doesn't work very well in a professional service business unless it's a PI or debt-recovery meat-grinder like IM or Shoosmiths.

2. you remove the career structure to ownership of the business and it ends up being staffed by journeymen.

Never work in a firm run by bean-counters. They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

Marco 06 November 20 20:21

More and more good people leaving SG every week now!!. Some of those people brought in lots of big and high profile work. 

Mardy 07 November 20 18:08

Marco, this all part of their plan.  Get rid of the expensive fee earners, pass their caseload onto already overworked junior staff.  The firm is creaking at the seems. If it’s not sold soon it will spiral downwards with increasing speed.

Ex employee of fentons 08 December 20 12:15

Their brand is tainted and their business model does not work 

The place is toxicity incarnate .

Joke 10 December 20 17:38

more redundancies across the board I’ve no idea who still works in the business. Lack of leadership and poor communication it is beyond a joke.