Their heads must be in such a spin at Slater and Gordon - but hey, nothing a good Vindaloo or a soothing Korma can't fix!  This Partner thinks his regular curry evenings are a winning format given the length of time it must have taken to type out every single individual name who is attending followed by a lengthy list of people who clearly have better things to do with their spare time.

Subject: RE: (NAME HERE OF PARTNER - YES HE HAS NAMED HIS OWN CURRY NIGHT!) Curry 2016 - [ date  ].16


Dear All

It appears that the voting buttons didn’t appear on everyone’s PC so I have reverted to preparing a list .

Can those who have not confirmed let me know whether they are attending so I can book the restaurant and give numbers .

Can those who have not responded please do so by the end of this month.

I apologise if I have left people out . If I have please e-mail me .



lengthy list of all the Attendees including where they work(!)

f you are a vegetarian can you let me know ( * denotes vegetarian ).


Apologies :-

Lengthy list of non-attendees - but hey why not name and shame when it's curry night?!  What's wrong with these people and - hang about, why isn't their excuse posted as well in this naming and shaming?

I attach a link to the restaurant

http://www[ curry house ]


The restaurant is located opposite the [       ] on [       ] Road at the end of D[        ] .


I have opted for set menu 3 .


The format for those who have not been previously is that seating in random ( no formal table plans ) t .

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Anonymous 08 August 17 09:50

Given that it was for charity and not s&g I worry about the small minded individuals who themselves have nothing better to do than read this rubbish