This article is an opinion piece by Alex Jorosz, for information purposes only

The initial challenge of the Solicitors Regulation Authority policy, surrounding its unfair and unequal treatment of LPC graduates, bizarre QLTS deadlines and the refusal to accept the impact of the global pandemic on qualification in England 
, was unsuccessful despite lengthy correspondence with the SRA’s Head of Legal Policy.

However, Legal Services Board  has agreed to admit our representation against the application made by the SRA on 31 July 2020 for the final approval of the SQE. 

We hope that our representation, together with the representation made on 21 August 2020 by Prof. Adam Gearey (Birkbeck School of Law, UK ), Prof.  Rosie Harding (University of Birmingham), Prof. Rebecca Probert (University of Exeter), Caroline Strevens (University of Portsmouth), and Prof. Carl Stychin (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies) 
urging the LSB not to grant the SRA’s application, will receive positive consideration. 

Link to our representation:

Link to the application:



Annon 31 August 20 20:00

Well done, folks! Thank you for reaching out to the LSB.

Apart from what is mentioned in the letter, the LSB should also be aware of the extremely limited capacity for candidates to book and sit for the November and April QLTS exam.

Kaplan is currently operating on a priority list for those candidates who could not attend the May exam and booking is still closed. This is making MCT exempted candidates close to impossible to meet the SQE deadline in 2021. 

The LSB needs to understand the current SRA policy is not only discriminatory and Kaplan's current handling of the QLTS put serious doubts into how are they going to administer the SQE.