Well what did I discover this week?  Possibly that salmon pink is in all likelihood, the least popular paint colour for a car.  I had spotted an old fashioned-looking phone in the window of a local hairdressers of the same hue and decided to see if I could create a whole collage around it. This proved quite a challenge, not least, in finding a similarly coloured car.  Thankfully, near the end of my two hours’ walk, I came across one about 5 minutes from returning home.  Coincidentally, my mum in NZ came across the same coloured car the next day - a Honda Jazz - I wonder how many were produced and actually sold?

I have also discovered that if you wander down the same very nice square in Chelsea (where a large number of the properties have security cameras facing out to the street) a few times over a 4 months’ period (I have found it to be a rich source of cars and doors to photograph), then a resident will eventually ask you what are you doing.  I had literally just photographed the lovely white house in my whites collage when he came up to me.  He was very nice about it and I happily informed him that I photographed things to a colour theme and showed him my Instagram posts which seemed to satisfy him that I wasn’t scoping out a property to burgle or a car to steal!




























west coast canadian 19 July 20 07:37

your colours and composition remaim brilliant.  As are the cars especially the Mustang .   Keep up the good work. 

Confused 14 August 20 03:44

I don't really get all the thumbs down on the positive comments.  Is that just how it has to be on RoF?  No doubt I'll get bashed for calling it out.  For what it's worth, these are great.