Not pictured: poor people like you, who leave your help in economy.

Congratulations to Arvin Lee, a partner at Wee Swee Teow LLP in Singapore. Arvin describes himself as a ‘Rainmaker’, so it’s no surprise he’s snagged my Unhumble Lawbrag of the Week.

Lee recently had a photo taken in the bit of the aeroplane I'm bundled through on my way to the economy seats by the toilet, captioned, “Off on a family holiday with my mother, wife, son and our helper”.

You might think it crass, but if no-one on LinkedIn sees your childminder in business class, did it even happen? It’s just common sense to bank the cachet by posting.

Lee also wasn't thrown off the plane at any point, which means he beats the barrister who went ballistic when stewards refused to sit the nanny with his kids in business.

Is that the only mile high picture Lee's posted to illustrate his success? No! There are about a million!



Feel free to get that printed on a duvet cover.



NA 08 February 24 21:27

He's not congratulating himself on an award or a "humble and honoured to be flying in business", just a LinkedIn overshare. Bit mean spirited Jezza.

Spotty Lizard 09 February 24 11:36

In the top picture of the collage - suit jacket, polo shirt, short-shorts, socks and brown dress shoes. He should have been thrown off the aeroplane just for wearing that get-up.

Meerlion 09 February 24 13:02

In Singapore, a "helper" is not simply a childminder but a live-in full-time au pair and hired help. They're also called maids (slightly derogatory term) or domestic workers, and it's a very common  arrangement in Asian countries like Singapore and Hong Kong. This bloke is quite a character locally.


LinkedIn user 09 February 24 16:25

NA, I agree that this is just a LinkedIn overshare.  Who has not been tempted to post photos of their business class travels twice a week, every week for 5 years?

Is it me? 16 February 24 10:28

This bloke has really aged from the bottom right photo to the photos in the middle ... or maybe that's his son?!  I thought PMs/presidents aged badly but this guy's really gone for it... 

NA 18 February 24 23:57

He uses the cushion to cover his belly a lot. Shame he couldn’t take his personal trainer with him…

His Personal Trainer 03 May 24 09:20

Rainmaker, please do your job and make more rain to combat the heatwave in Thailand and Singapore. 

Next time, please don’t forget to bring me along for your holidays.