I'm a busy woman. I writ
e a lot of lists and my husband's CPD obligations function as a veritable bazaar for my domestic stationery replenishment needs. While everyone else is hoovering up biscuits during the break in powerpoint slides, he is under instructions to 're-home' as many gratis pens and pads as he can stuff in his bag.

Usually though, these items never leave our house as they are so dull and functional. However a number of his recent stationery hauls have included items with some semblance of design. I've even gone so far as to put them in my handbag - for use in public.

Perhaps we need an RoF 'Branded Stationery – Law Firm of the Year' award to help encourage more of this sort of thing?

I know how you all love an award.

To try and kick start the competitiveness, here's what has pride of place in my Furla tote at the moment:

Osborne Clarke pens

Chunky and colourful. 
They look like something you'd buy (if anyone actually bought pens).  Collect the set!


Kemp Little notepad
Seriously – who designed this? It's gorgeous.

(My own pencil and eraser – for styling purposes, you understand).

I look forward to hearing from you about those awards RoF ...



Anonymous 13 November 15 00:26

While not stationery, you should get him to land you an umbrella from 2 birds. Range of bright colours with matching sleeve to prevent your bag getting wet after a downpour ceases.

Anonymous 13 November 15 10:03

There is not, and never will be, a firm freebie that can top the Slaughter's pencil.

That said, I have a desk full of tat from law firms. It's a sick hobby.

Wanna see?

Anonymous 20 November 15 12:34

I currently have pens on my desk from:

Finers Stephens Innocent (vintage, obvs)
Ince & Co
Lewis Silkin
Matrix Chambers

I can confirm that the Withers pen is the nicest (I actually have two), Followed by Ince & Co (also have two of these)

I would swap my entire collection for a 2Birds umbrella in a snazzy colour though