Ruchit Patel, a partner in the London office of Ropes & Gray, has recently learned that his five-year-old daughter, Kaiya, has a rare form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Unfortunately, the type of ALL that his daughter has is extremely aggressive, and Kaiya’s best hope is an immediate bone marrow transplant.

You can learn more about Kaiya and her story on facebook and Twitter The Daily Mail has also covered the story:

To increase the chances of quickly finding a compatible bone marrow or stem cell donor for Kaiya and other patients fighting blood cancer or disease, Ruchit and his family are campaigning for people to consider registering with DKMS , an international nonprofit organisation dedicated to fighting blood cancer and helping patients find matching donors.

Registering takes just a moment—if you meet the age and health eligibility requirements, you will receive a kit in the mail that has everything you need to swab your cheeks and return the swabs to DKMS to see if you are a match for Kaiya or any other patient suffering from blood cancer or disease. After registering, you will be placed on a registry until the age of 61 and will have a 1% chance of matching up with a patient in need to give him or her a second chance at life.



anon 20 September 18 16:27

Perhaps get in contact with Anthony Nolan too.  I have worked closely with them throughout this year and they are well worthy of approaching.