You've got to love Phil Neville

even if he is a Manc [email protected]

Hard luck English ladies. Worth fighting for 3rd though


He comes across as a decent chap, even admirable. It's hard to deal with it. Has he had training from Southgate?

The game was tiny margins. A whisker offside and then a surefire goal if White hadn't been fouled for the penalty. On another day she would have had a hat trick. 

Suspect they got this far despite Neville not because of him

What wellers said.  He was a shit defender who was never able to perform for Man U or England.  I’ve never understood it.  Mind you I  don’t understand the hero worship of Southgate either.

”Gareth Southgate, the whole of England is with you!   Oh no it’s saved, saved!”

Twats the pair of them.