Working-class stuff that annoying posh people have taken over

1. Workers' / fishermen's cottages

2. The term "artisan"

3. The countryside

Claiming to be "working class". No such thing anymore as it can't be applied to immigrants as they have not earned the mark of earnest toil.

tbh, it was only ever middle class people who claimed to be working class. 


To be fair we owned the countryside previously and allowed the working class to loiter on it and help us be productive.  

cheaper cuts of meat

 plumbing businesses

London buses

definitely football

it was great when all you did was turn up at 3pm on Saturday and pay a fiver to stand on the teraces … and on the train home a leeds united programme and a couple of cans on the table guaranteed that no one would sit with you …

now its full of middle class tossers and all the fun is gone