Why didn't you divorce you husband then?

after 17 years of living with this man






Maybe she was hoping he'd die in the meantime and she would get his pension too 

Well there doesn't seem to be much other explanation.  It can't be the sanctity of marriage if she was shacked up with someone else. 

I never thought of that, I bet that was what it was.


Now her husband can go after her money

Post-separation assets generally don't fall to be treated as marital property, unless attributable to the support or actions of the other spouse.  Believe me, I have researched it in case I win the lottery. 

Isn't your divorce done yet?? And you're buying a house?

No, not done as ex-Badlady keeps reneging on settlement offers.  Decree absolute hearing on Wednesday.  She's not attending as she's going on holiday that afternoon.  Judge summarily read my statement in support and refused to adjourn.  She filed her statement in response yesterday (full of disingenuous lies), a day late from an agreed extension to deadline for service, so I have asked the court to exclude it if she cannot explain what exceptional circumstamces justify missing that deadline.  Heard nothing yet.  This could be fun. 


House bought in MJJ's sole name so she can't attack on that front.  I think she's about to be in for a rude awakening.

My great aunt refused to divorce her philandering vicar husband because she wanted the widow's pension. She got it too.

She wants his cash.  She'll probably get a new bloke soon and hoover up his pension too.   

in her interview yesterday it was clear that they were engaged and planning to marry and her divorce was something they needed to deal with but had not got round to when he died suddenly. 

Seems the correct outcome in the case tbh


Surely the application can't be that extensive.  How many still-married people shack up with public sector pension scheme members to the extent that they would be 'living as a married couple' (which I believe is the test) who then die unexpectedly??