Treating yourself

If you unexpectedly discover you’ve got a few thousand more than you thought you did in an account (or get an unexpected bonus or something) do you treat yourself guilt free?  

I have been paying money every month into a savings account, it was set up originally for a specific purpose but when I had enough I used it and forgot to turn the standing order off.  That was over 18 months ago.

Just found out I’ve got some extra money thereand wondering what to do with it.  I’ve got a reasonable amount in my main savings and current accounts, there’s nothing I really want or need. But saving it for no reason seems a bit pointless.  Not going to spend it on anyone else, I am learning to not do that, at last, so I may go get some kind of cool new toy.

Guilt or guilt free in your opinion? Or should I just leave it there for a rainy day?  This isn’t a brag, it’s not a lot of money in the grand scheme just a nice little chunk I wasn’t aware of.

Dude, compared to bonuses some on here get it is definitely not a brag.  Hell its not as much as any of the bonuses I’ve gotten over the years.

Indeed Stix - and anyone who disagrees can suck my d1ck (which happens to be 16" long, btw).

Your internet/reality interface is well overdue a complete recalibration, Tec.

Not sure what that means so I’m taking it as a compliment.  Thanks!