Trains from Waterloo

Anyone else suffering?

How did you do that? Did you pull the emergency cord? 

Tbf they do some gr7 beers in dorset.

I have been delayed by almost 2 mins.  wouldnt happen in Germany!

In the old days with train compartments and manual doors, Some yobs next to me declared that this was their stop, pulled the cord and jumped from the door.

Wang how did you manage that you jammy git? I'm waiting for Mrs D to pick me up from Woking. 

Well I got on the first train to where I live.  Don't tell any1 the secret!!!


Everyone else says that in a lord of the rings morrrrdorrr way too right?

I’m suffering 

On the subject of LOTR names there is a place called Mogador in Surrey near Banstead which seems out of place 

Got on a stopping service train which was delayed by 30 mins as soon as I got to Waterloo. Train rescheduled to run fast to Twickers. The disruption meant I got home 15 mins earlier than I otherwise would have done. Back of the net...