Spin classes

I have never done one of these before and I have just signed up for one tomorrow.

How much pain am I likely to be in for the weekend?

How much are you using your leg muscles at the moment? You are able to work as hard as you want to, but you might be a bit achey - not as much as doing focused weight sessions on legs, though. Spin classes are usually a lot of fun (as long as you have a decent trainer at the front).

I sit behind a desk all day Dusty, I’m going to get killed aren’t I?!

m7 I did a "Go Ape" thing yesterday morning with the kids and I feel like I have broken every bone and torn every muscle I have.  I am sitting here at my desk wondering if I should take the codeine pills.

I sit behind a desk all day Dusty, I’m going to get killed aren’t I?!

The first 10 minutes will be rubbish and you'll be thinking....wtf. But then you'll get into it, you'll get all sweaty and you'll be up out of your seat on the hill climbs and just...I like them, anyway. And I am a desk jockey like yourself :)

dusty is being kind, you’re going to cry at your desk the day or 4 afterwards

Tamora, I would be harsher if I didn't know that Stix has been doing weights and stuff at the gym.

I think she should do kick boxing or something. Imagine the reach of her roundhouse kick!!!

Stix - you’ll be fine.  I used to love spin sessions when I could do them.

Imagine the reach of her roundhouse kick!!!

Heh! We’re gonna need a bigger gym...! 

"Imagine the reach of her roundhouse kick!!!"

heh! this image :D 

Spin classes can be great for high intensity non-impact cardio, but your enjoyment of them may depend upon the musical choices of the instructor. Take a water bottle, towel and don't wimp out on resistance.

That said I'm not a big fan of the fake pressups they sometimes have you do on the handlebars. I just think they are a waste of time and if I want to do pressups I'll just do normal ones which are better.

Stock up on Epsom Salts for post session soak.  Magnesium spray is good as well. 

When mutters delved and stixta span, who was then the gentleman?

Why are no roffers offering to massage stix’s aching muscles. 

tam - because of this possibility .... "Imagine the reach of her roundhouse kick!!!"

Coffers, stix won’t be able to walk let alone fling her legs up in the air. 

Indeed, how dare you suggest that stix is likely to be found with her legs in the air.

Yes ignore the pressups.

it might be a modern class with a screen with avatars and a record of your stats, in which case, pay attention to instructions but ignore the screen and any temptation to get competitive*








*this way madness lies and pedalling like a madman to just not be last.









One place I used to do spin classes had these bikes that you set up for age/gender/how much cardio you do etc and it worked out your zones of effort. It then had lights that lit up according to which zone you were in so everyone could see if you were slacking.

Sails, are you aching or are you in actual pain? Because the latter means you have gone too hard, and you need to go and see a physio or a doctor.

way to go sailers...given that this was sticker's thread.

Stickers bum cheeks are probably firmer than ever I imagine

I’m absolutely fine - the class isn’t until this evening.

Stix just get one of those gel seat covers. You can then use it on any spin bike or actual bike.

that gel seat is a must if you are thinking of making this a regular thing

Personally I don't use a gel cover but that is only because I use mtb shorts instead.