SATC reboot

Can you think of any other tv show that has dated as appallingly badly as SATC? I am astonished that someone has funded the revival of this. Maybe they can do a special bill along with Men & Motors / Will & Grace etc. Actually the fact that friends is still on constant loop is also a bit of a timewarp

Does anyone else find Friends unfunny as fook?

How r they going to do SATC with social distancing?  Surely the basic premise requires bonking

gen z don't do sex, drink or late nights

it will all be charlotte staying up late to do mindmaps for her postdoc and Miranda practising her elevator pitches in the mirror

Getting mad stressed because they've not had enough likes or macronutrients that day...

Wonder if they will once again lean hard on the waggle of the little finger and small dick jokes.

Body and sex shaming was always a mainstay of this show.



Men & Motors was ace, possibly the least erotic erotic TV ever.

Wealthy, self-obsessed bored women. It was fun when it was on, it captured a zeitgeist. Agree with the OP. It’s a relic now. Move on!

Hopefully it will help Manhattan climb back from the hole it is in right now because of lockdowns. The city is on its last legs from all reports, a real structural shift out of the city by the money professionals. Not much point in paying the RE premium if there's nothing to see or do. Will take a long time back (is my opinion). Maybe the show will help with the marketing of the rebirth?

Isn’t it actually quite good if moneyed professionals are more evenly distributed?

I like the idea Chimp and agree with you, but a gradual shift out is way less dramatic on the economy of places like Manhattan than the sudden shock they've had - the fallout will be interesting to see. I have faith Manhattan will come back though. Many people don't share my optimism, ditto thinking of places like San Fran (companies fleeing to Austin) and even London. The longer social distancing is required the less viable the cities become.




I find Friends cringeworthy these days, especially the pauses for the canned laugher - excruciating.

Friends is painfully unfunny. Used to love it about 20 years ago

Friends isn't funny, agreed.

SATC's only saving grace was Samantha and she's not in it. Not sure I want to watch a group of 50 something women socially distanced in loungewear.

I went back through some episodes of Sitcom Aging Badly recently. 

It still raised the odd chuckle but incredibly dated .

Father Ted also looks dated now but still hilarious 

The MBB theme tune is absolutely ace and up there with The Bill in the god tier of TV themes 

Friends is great you absolute loonbags

SATC is one of the worst things to ever appear on television. Worse even than Mrs Browns Boys or Call the Midwife 

Speaking of Father Ted, Black Books stands up well - the boys watched all three series over the last few weeks and they loved it.

It was of its time, Crowley. Talk about chasing former glories...


Friends is brilliant. So nurr. But then my love for it intertwines with nostalgia so there we go. 

Alan Partridge looks seriously dated, but no less funny.

For some reason, League of Gentlemen doesn't look dated despite being 22 years old.