Runners that wear red lights on their backs

Absolute tools 

Avoid getting killed or maimed by wearing a light or get called a tool by someone on the internet.

It's a toughie.

also runners who think they own the pavement and that you don't mind them flicking their sweat all over you

And people with massive bags who walk in the middle of the pavement like they own it just because they have no awareness of runners/prams/dogs etc.

also runners who think they own the pavement and that you don't mind them flicking their sweat all over you

Yeah I don't get this - runners should go into the road (safely) if people are walking on the pavement.

I often run in the road, close to the kerb, as if I was a cyclist, although I prefer to be on the other side facing traffic. 

I tie my bike lights to my rucksack on my back on the tow path in the winter as the cyclists won’t see me otherwise

i like 2 shout at them

“roooooooooooxxxxaanne, u don’t have 2 put on that red liiiiiight”

funnily enough it seems 2 make them leg it faster

Sems a sensible precautions.

The tools are the runners / cyclists who go out with dark clothes and no back lights. 

Because you are running at 5-6mph you do not need to wear a red light on your back any more than somebody out for a walk at 3mph.  It’s just “gear” - look at me I am on “A RUN”.   Ok if you are running down country roads at night I get it, but I see them on people running around city streets - its just bizarre.

Just been out running with all my lights on. I thought the plan was to avoid being run over or murdered. I was completely unaware that I'm annoying a lawyer, cheers for the heads-up, will be more thoughtful in future.

Yes if I'm taking the dog out actually because I can see where I'm going. I don't switch them on on our road which is very bright, but once it gets very dark I do. If I'm running though I don't faff about turning them on and off depending on the streetlights.

I cycle across the Common twice a day and it's incredibly helpful to be able to see the runners in winter.  Helps me cycle more safely.  Thoughtful, sensible behaviour 

Yeah, ok,  I find people lit up like Christmas trees running around street lit pavements irritating (as an occasional runner myself I dont see the need for it) but I guess if you are also running in dark roads and simply dont bother turning the lights off in better lit areas I get it...

If my run was entirely in a well lit area I might not bother but those are usually busy streets, you end up weaving around pedestrians and that's annoying for everyone.

if nething the thought of annoying a lawyer is enticing

might go for a run this lunchtime wrapped in christmas tree lights. they don’t otherwise get used during the year

Absolute necessity on rural roads in particular.  Cars getting bigger, dash-screens getting bigger, drivers getting worse, and paying only sporadic attention to what’s going on outside = crash wallop broken head ribs etc oops sorry didn’t see you there


It's an advisable thing to do, regardless of the level of darkness. Drivers have lots of periods of inattentional blindness and change blindness, and miss a lot of important, evolving information all around them whilst they drive.

Really, really important that people on the streets and roads exercising, or on bikes commuting, do all they can to draw as much visible attention as possible to themselves, because of how dangerous drivers are.

Seems a sensible precaution.

As a PI claimant and then on the insurance claim that will be an issue. Did you make yourself easily seen for the time of day and/or  in the conditions in which you were running?

One shouldn't care what some Roffers or plebs in white vans think.



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