What fate awaits him knowing what we know now?

I think his political career is over. Too junior and too unreliable. 


What's the dickhead done now?

He seems to genuinely think he can become  the party leader

Nothing new but he is keeping suspiciously quiet.

His whole game plan was that he will lead the party towards no-deal brexit as all the other candidates from brexit side were deeply unpopular. He chanced his no reputation of any kind to pull that show off. And in the process knifed May also thinking that will get his the leadership from brexit side. 

He is the one to watch though.

what do we now know? That he is an egotistical duplicitous and narrow minded idiot hell bent on self regard while clambering over others?

There are about 500 of those in Westminster.

I'm not sure we do.  TezMaz has lined up such a week for us that she could quite easily tip us into no deal.

She seems so ideologically committed to delivering brexit that I wouldnt be surprised if she saw a no deal brexit as preferable to an extension, revocation or 2nd referendum.

Is this the same Raab who lasted about 2 weeks as sec of state for his precious brexit before running away on discovering that things might get a bit tricky at Dover?