"People's Vote" supporters

Presumably now Parliament has rejected it, they will accept that and move on?

No ofc not. The EU won’t agree the sort of extension TMPM wants. Parliament still hates the deal. The third result is still available. As we sometimes say part way thru the last 20 overs. 

In the same way May has accepted the huge defeat of her deal twice has accepted it and moved on?

Putin couldn't have wished for a better unwitting instrument of his will than TMPM. Imagine giving a really big deal to a first seat trainee, watching them treat it like a paper round, and then being powerless to get the file off them. She's simplistic and bloody-minded and it is only her position that is keeping her there after this time. It is just too toxic to get rid of her. Clusterfvck indeed.

She was precisely the wrong person for this job- you needed somebody flexible, charismatic and persuasive - she is dogmatic defensive and charmless (at least in public life - maybe she is lovely at dinner parties)

Except that she wasn't a "first seat trainee". She was Home Secretary for seven years. It's not as if we unexpectedly ended up with Andrea Leadsom as PM.

Agree re TMPM personality - and I would add you also need empathy to be a good leader and to be able to (basically) ask people to give you things.  

Her charade of cross party talks and the dogmatic red lines - so, so wrong.  

to OP - would brexiteers agree to no deal and take it off the table now that he has been voted down twice and once decisively?