An old lady
Wang's Upon a Time 24 Jun 19 08:37
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Ran past me as I walked to the station this morning.  She had on a blue addidas tracksuit and a beanie from which her white-gold hair hung down loosely to her shoulders, framing a face etched with the lines of a life hard lived.

She was the very spit of Jimmy Saville.

In other news from my commute, a man stalled his brand new M3 convertible at the traffic lights, having given it the badboys revs.  He got a heh.

Also saw a pair of goldfinches.

Further commute news: just seen a woman pushing a dog around london in a pram

Cockerpoo would be my guess.  Could have been a child with hypertrichosis and a collar with the nametag "Bonzo" tbf

I thought the M3 was an automatic and thus could not be stalled.

I havent driven one for ages but when I did I am fairly sure it had a flappy paddle gearbox cos I kept turning on the windscreen wipers i stead of changing gear.