Movie recommendation for long haul flight

Minus sleep time, I’ll have time for two of these.  I haven’t seen any of them:

They shall not grow old

Crazy rich asians

The revenant

Swimming with men

The handmaiden

Gloria Bell

Stan and Ollie

I have seen two of those. 


They shall not grow old - interesting and impactful footage with little narrative. 

The revenant - boring and shite 



Crazy Rich Asians felt to me like the Asian version of a Richard Curtis movie. Pretty standard romcom stuff with as many cameos for locally famous actors as possible. 

The revenant is an old fashioned adventure yarn - nothing special but sufficiently distracting for a flight.

Stan and Ollie is ok but a bit meh, do not recommend

They shall not go old is great, but I not the sort of thing I would want to watch on a flight myself.

Not seen the others.

I can say from experience that Crazy Rich Asians is especially suitable for watching on a flight.


Didn't see Stan and Ollie yet but should be good.

I turned off swimming with men even though it had the lovely lovely Rupert Graves in wearing swimming trunks.



The Handmaiden has some pretty hardcore lesbian action so you may need to be sensitive to who is sitting next to you ...

Useful tip porpoise. 

I’m by the window in 1-2-1 A350-900. But Delfette is in the seat in front. 

She’s read the book, so ...

I am sure that would be censored for a flight, PP (although not sure I would call it hardcore).

Oh wait a minute. Delfette’s read The Handmaid’s Tale, not The Handmaiden. 


Surely a little light carpentry can't offend anyone?

The Handmaiden is based on Sarah Waters' "Fingersmith".

The Handmaiden is far and away the best film on that list

These all look shit. I would go for:

  1. Passenger 57
  2. Con Air
  3. Snakes on a Plane
  4. Lost - Season 1
  5. Alive
  6. Final Destination

Make sure you have very leaky headphones and a large iPad to watch them on.

Thanks for the recommendations. I watched:

They shall not grow old.  Brilliant use of material. Pete Jackson is a cinematography genius.  Was great entertainment, as well as very educational. Should be compulsory viewing in school

The Handmaiden. I enjoyed this. Generates real sympathy for the two lead characters.

I also watched Free Solo, based on past ROF recommendations. Very good, but not great. The guy is far from normal (whatever that is).  I was even more amazed by the acceptance of his girlfriend putting up with his life choice an associated risk of death. And then I reflected on the first movie and how a whole generation had accepted their men putting their lives at much greater risk because of a cause they believed in ...