Milk bearing boobies

So distracting.

And so .....yummy to the point of becoming severely incapacitating :(

Sorry, I know this is wrong but very difficult to concentrate. 


This is an unusual fetish to admit to. You are the oedipal that the bresat milk ice cream was aimed at. 

Did you actually just post that?  Why has rof gone so weird?

Lactating boobs are not great if you're married to them.  Getting a squirt in the eye from something which used to be your friend is a shock.

This thread is severely discriminatory against adjectives.  WTF includes no adjective.  WTAF includes only one.  This is unacceptable.  

I think in this day and age we need to be more careful.  We could find ourselves losing our jobs and possibly our liberty if we continue to discriminate so openly against adjectives.  

I propose  WTAFGBDUF as the new acronym.  

heh at the state of this thread

I was wonderin how long before someone came along with his esoteric pontification about Oedipal complex.

Nothing of that sort. It is simply that pregnancy appears to have added a fair few cup sizes to otherwise regular pair on a lady. And yes it still wrong to notice those. 


Just think of all the large veins and humongous nippies that accompany the size growth 


I think it's the combination of the words "milk bearing boobies" (like, are you 50 or five?) and "yummy" that is giving people the creeps, Coffers.

Reminds me of this...

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « little britain bitty »

90% of male public school ROFers will now be back in 5...

anna - was rof ever not revolting in various forms? I did my bit. 

Wait til they deflate 

Then it’s bad

Are you telling us your partner is pregnant? Congratulations if so...

It sounds more like he is telling us his colleague is recently enbabied.

and that he is a totally shameless sexplert.

Holy moly 

Threads like this make me envy David Blunkett 


Have a word Coffers 

heh @ again. 


Not bothered. If this is what is going for offensive these days, it is curious at best. 

It’s not offensive you moron, it’s just vommingly cringe.

Is it true she breastfed L1 until aged 14?

Or did I just completely make that up........

again - I know rofers are blessed with partial comprehension abilities to prove their dubious point but you do take a micky. 


Which bit of "I know it is wrong" and observation about boobs growing a fair few cup sizes did you not understand? Or are you a puritan who believes boobs are to be worshipped? Berk 

I forget which sort of puritans worshipped boobs?  was it the plymouth brethren or the aroostook baptists?

It's the fact you used the words 'milk bearing' and 'yummy' so the inference is that you want to drink breast milk directly from the boob.