Meh does love island!

Just landed in Malaga, now on a bus to Granada for date 6 which will last the customary 5 nights. In the middle of a heatwave. What could possibly go wrong?!

.....the unknown female, who may have been british.......spanish police say they are keeping an open mind as to the cause of death, but who are treating the incident as suspicious

There is no reason for anything to go wrong. 

I reckon you'll be married in 6 months 

Wellers, I’m rather concerned you know this. 

I’ve got a text!

He says he’s brought his sausage. I hope he’s referring to the dog...

You should tell him that you've brought aubergine.

Without wanting to be a party pooper tho does someone in your family or friends know this guys name, address etc?  

I used to demand a photo of driving licence when undertaking a first assignation 

My bosses were very worried, C in particular. I am sending daily proof of life texts. She has the coordinates of the farm as it has no address. My sister has this and the city house address. I also have his passport number and uk address too. 

"I am sending daily proof of life texts."

What's to stop him from chopping off your finger to log onto your phone?

I don't think there is a need to be *very* worried, I know plenty of women who have gone on a dirty weekend with a bloke as a third or fourth date and this is the same really.  

As long as someone knows where you are 

Pp, that’s exactly the reason I have never used fingerprint recognition on my phone. That said, my pin is not exactly hard...

Someone knowing where you are is a great idea, but I used to LOL (and move on to the next person) at the women back in the day who would ask for my ID online before meeting me in a crowded bar in Canary Wharf - just what were they afraid of? Unless they were willing to send me their ID too, and strangely they never were..

Not to meet in public, if I was going to someone's house and vice versa 

Yeah so. I really hope you have fun but I really wished you sent Littlesis all the details as I requested a few weeks ago.

" ...the farm ...has no address.."


Well that all seems perfectly fine. You have fun.

I've spent years going off with ladies I don't know very well to their places.  In hindsight once or twice turning up on their doorsteps having never met them probably wasn't the best idea but luckily they all turned out to exist and weren't four large blokes waiting to mug me.

“The farm has no address”


This is like a plot to some Wolf Creek/Hostel/Saw tortureporn film. 

I seriously wonder at the naivety of apparently intelligent people. Three weeks ago he wasn’t even registering on the interest scale. Now you’re skipping off into the sinister sunset to be alone with him on a remote non locatable farm with only the chickens to point out the vat of lime your limbs are dissolving in. 


well everyone in SLWC knows what he looks like so if we need to we can launch a team vengeance mission

well everyone in SLWC knows what he looks like so if we need to we can launch a team vengeance mission

Ladies, there's nothing else for it. We're going to have to give the drawing of him to Tecco and hope his SAS training does the rest.


Every time I hear someone mention Love island now I just keep thinking of the Meh version and wondering how she's getting on.

Will she become a chicken farmer and rof from la campagne from now on.....?!?!

Sounds like that would be more entertaining than the real thing! Flackers aside, obviously

I love Granada; lived there for a year. I am slightly jealous (I would be more jealous if such a trip didn't involve the spending five nights with a potential axe murderer). 

I am indeed alive!! I think the risk of murder is now extremely minimal. 

Everything has been wonderful and I have zero complaints. He is so kind and attentive and thoughtful and good in bed. 

His big dogs are amazing but he generally holds them off so I can get from the van to the house because they are overzealous kissers. And huge. And the little sausage dog is basically mine now. 

Had lots of fun and both deleted our Bumble/Tinder...

its going so well that I sense impending doom. Maybe he is a murderer after all?!

"Had lots of fun and both deleted our Bumble/Tinder..."

is this a relationship stage thing now? You agree to do this? 

Pretty much.  Don’t stress about what to label it, just enjoy it for what it is.  

I had assumed this was a thread about a tv show I don't watch so have not looked until now.


For my own sanity, am I reading this correctly?  Is it the case that OP has taken herself off  for week in Spain to shack up with a stranger on a farm  so remote it doesn't have an address


Yayness. So glad it's going well.

I completey missed the start of the story pre going off on a potential murderous/ full filled weekend (glad it's the latter!!) - what was the back story - is he a farmer based over here? is he Spanish? etc.


Yes, it’s a farm with no address. It does have coordinates though. 

MM he’s a London boy who has lived in Spain for the past 7 years, owned a farm with his ex and is in the process of selling up and moving back permanently. 

Day three in the big brother slaughter house and our heroine is still alive.  Stay tuned for the eviction later!

Is actually day 5 and I’m leaving the villa tomorrow. 

Ehhh 3, 5. You’re in Southern Europe they don’t do numbers too well.  And later = manyana, however that is spelt = tomorrow! #winning!

In other developments, he is talking about insuring me on his new car so that I can drive it when he's in Spain, us looking at houses together so that he can be sure I like the house/location for when we reach that stage and all sorts of other future facing stuff. He also put a label on it yesterday. I officially have a boyfriend.


*but is also mildly perturbed*

Um hmm.  Looking at houses together is a little... interesting.  I called it as reboundy earlier and I stick to that (nothing wrong with that necessarily) just don’t get too carried away.

If he means he wants you to view houses *together* whilst he looks for new place for *himself* but welcomes your opinion I see no harm 

Two of my exes live in houses I helped them choose with their new wives mind you 

I am aware of the rebound risk and have raised it more than once. Yes he is looking for a place for himself that would be suitable for a family etc in time.

I am aware of the rebound risk and have raised it more than once. Yes he is looking for a place for himself that would be suitable for a family etc in time.

(If this were clergs then her head would already been on a trophy shelf in chickenboys freezer)

We don't need to worry about ending up in freezers, it's allegedly full of Bolognese.

Lolling at Tecco playing relationship counsellor.

Meh have u worked out how to have him excommunicated?  Just in case, like.

Also, Malaga baint an island man.

I’m great at getting into and out of relationships thanks.  It’s just the staying in them bit which mostly eludes me.

No need to thank me, I really don't think I have helped

I know it 's not an island. But it's fucking Spain. And it's hot. And it's a prolonged period in a house. With a potential dude.

He's definitely a dude. I mean a potential love interest.

You’re looking at houses suitable for families together and he’s a potential love interest?

All sounds so good!! So many qs....

Is he in the process of moving London to Spain or Spain to London..? Is he going to have houses in both? We just need to know where you'll be having the house warming ;) ;)

Is it that really dry uber hot heat where you feel you're melting all the time? Does he have good air con?

A prolonged period?  That is bad fucking timing right there

he is talking about insuring me on his new car so that I can drive it when he's in Spain, us looking at houses together so that he can be sure I like the house/location for when we reach that stage

 Run. For. The. Hills.


Actually, that’s maybe not a good idea. Run for the airport.

Moving back to London and relinquishing all Spanish assets.

It's pretty hot but we're not really going out until much later in the day. Cool in the evening. No air con but the houses are built to stay cool.

Hills are pretty close. But I do like him so think will just reign him in a bit and see where it goes...

It all sounds v cute and you should just enjoy it 

Ok meh this is a crass q but I gotta ask it - is he quite super rich?? Owning a farm makes me think si. His relojes collection must be amaze.


(I am glad he is selling up tho because I am scared of chickens and it would make continental Europe slwc challenging)

Small farm outside Granada is not that spenny. £160k maybe. He's fairly well off from his London business but not by RoF standards. Cash/asset rich but income is probably not a great deal more than mine.

I was looking at a house with chickens the other week.  Would keep clergs away from the shed...

The chickens are pretty docile and keep out of the way. It's the giant Spanish mastiff that is almost waist height and keeps trying to knock me over with kisses that's the problem!

You know my commitment-phobic views on this


but if you are happy I am happy

All sounds ace - enjoy!! Hope he's making you lots of lush Spanish food :) :)

I've left the villa. Or the finca. Now back behind a desk in London.


At least the weather is nice I guess.

I am back. I am alive. Bit of an anti-climax though innit.

anti-climax? I thought that there was lots of climaxing?!

When is chicken boy back en Angleterre for a rematch?? glad Thpain was super fun.