Maldives/Fiji/Bora-Bora Honeymoon

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A friend of mine is trying to arrange and book a Honeymoon for October 19, the choice (at the moment) is between the Maldives, Bora-Bora and Fiji.

My friend has been to the Maldives several times, even though there are a large number of islands they don't see this as a once in a lifetime honeymoon destination as they have been several times previously.

The flight is obviously very long to Fiji & Bora Bora, therefore is it worth visiting for a honeymoon? Have any of you been? What’s the verdict? No so much about hotels but the beaches and island itself.

They are after the paradise beach (picture postcard views) and tranquility of the Maldives just something different with the wow factor and uniqueness of say Fiji, Bora Bora etc.

They have travelled extensively so Caribbean, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Seychelles, Mauritius etc are not places they want to visit for Honeymoon

Thank you all

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A holiday in Cambodia? 

Where people are dressed in black

If money is no object then definitely Bora Bora over Fiji for a honeymoon. Some of Fiji is a cheap family holiday destination for Australians. Not as overrun as Bali, but best avoided.

The primary question here is has anyone been to Fiji or Bora Bora?, what did they think compared to the Maldives if they have been, for the beaches and the island itself, not so much the hotels.

The second question, if you havnt been to Bora Boar or Fiji, are you able to throw another similar location into the mix that would be similar to their view of the Maldives?

The beaches are fine in both places. If they want a really quiet place with beautiful beaches and cheaper than Bora Bora, try the Cook Islands.

Bora Bora is amazing.

We honeymooned there but cheaped out (heh!) and did a chunk of time in Moorea.  A lot cheaper to stay and a bit more variety of stuff (we rented a car and went for a drive round the island) - but fundamentally nowhere near as nice.  Only had a night in Papeetee between transfers which was the right call.

When we went back for a 5th Anniversary trip it was all Bora Bora (at the Four Seasons just after it had opened) and was truly amazing.

I don't think many people who go to Bora Bora spend more than a day trip or two on the island - definitely most of our time was just at the hotel.  Gorgeous place, amazing weather and people.

I would definitely advise to get open water certified before going and go diving there if you're going to make the effort.  Its a really incredible place to dive if you like warm shallow-ish swimming with the fishies rather than the more death defying side of diving.

What time of year are they looking? Clearly the caribbean, for example, is seasonal

I have not been to the Maldives, because I am not a tedious middle class aunt. 



Martian Law my powers of clairvoyance tell me that they are looking later in the year....

...October springs to mind for some reason....

....and I'm seeing the number 19....

heh, my attention to detail is the main reason I went into law

I can't comment on Bora Bora or Fiji, but if they want picture postcard stuff and are happy with a bit of travel I can recommend Langkawi - especially the Datai Hotel. Stunningly awesome and perfect for a honeymoon.

If they want a whole island experience, there's also Vanuatu which is beautiful. Great coral beaches and internal lagoons (the Blue Lagoon outside Port Vila is stunning), waterfalls etc. If they want adventure then island hopping too - live volcano Mt Tanna is a short fight away on a tiny plane, and a long drive up a mountain on the back of an open truck. You can taste the volcanic ash.

If these people are seasoned travellers, they'll work it out. 

Unless they've re-done it recently, avoid the Bora Bora 4 seasons. In desperate need of refurbishment so unless you like huts / rooms that don't get properly cleaned, stained glasses and mould, you'll be annoyed at spending $1000 a night there. The staff are mostly European and basically acknowledge that it's full of Yanks who only care about service and the views, and they wouldn't get away with this in Europe.

Bora Bora generally is beautiful. But if you want to go really big and can afford that type of place, the Brando hotel in French Polynesia should be investigated...

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I went to the Maldives for a honeymoon once. that marriage ended in divorce so I wouldn't recommend

Fiji isn’t really in the same ballpark as the Maldives for luxury, service or picturesque vistas. It’s just not worth the travel time in my opinion. 

Especially not for the diving. Although they do have shark safari dives in Fiji if you’re into that kind of thing. 

Never been to Bora Bora so can’t comment. 

I don't even know where Bora Bora is. Sounds made up 

​​​​​​some friends went to Bora Bora or was it Tahiti. Took bloody ages and they were knackered. Still, if the op’s friends travel long distance a lot they’ll be used to that. I had an”surprise” honeymoon and mr m sensibly chose amalfi coast....cant say I’d welcome 24/hrs longhaul after a wedding.

Definitely Bora Bora out of those three.

Wot someone else sed above about making sure they get out and explore the island proper not just stay in the resort.

I have been to both

definitely bora bora over Fiji. With the caveat that bora bora is like the Disney version of French Polynesia - bright, beautiful and quite sterile

if going to FP then go and stay at vahine island. Perfection.