How does she continue looking so radiant? 

Because she's in the public sphere and most pleasing on the eye.

well - my gaydar is pretty faulty i must say!

she looks much older than she is

her make-up needs a drastic overhaul

she is not radiant, see make-up overhaul needed

probably needs a bit more meat on her bones to be radiant

she's very elegant though

she is the same age as me and I would not say she looks older. We are quite old now. She looks classy.

and her skin is pretty flawless. I wonder exactly what she does. maybe that sarah chapman.


I thought Elizabeth was looking great in the debates yesterday

Ahhhhh, I seeeeeeee - Kate Middleton. 


Wood not.

it really annoys me when men say that about women

you'd be lucky if she let you carry her coat, m1

She has not aged well and looks old and haggard, in addition to which her dress sense is very frumpy and old for her age don’t you think 

She's a mother of 3, wife of the 2nd in line to the throne and in her late 30s


she doesn't look frumpy she looks like a grown up. 

We only do it to wind you up, Clergs.  Kate Middleton looks fine to me.  I'm just not interested in her life (or looks).  I imagine it's a difficult position to be in, having to look and act a certain way all the time and constantly being in the public eye.  Not something I'd enjoy, so good sass to her that she can take it.

if you are not interested in her looks why comment on her looks at all

a variation of "if you have nothing nice to say just don't say anything"

it's not really about her, I'm sure she would hold the remark with the contempt it deserves, it's about women and their place in the world

haven't you got some el savadoran villagers to abuse with your lame nose habit?

I think even Dux would agree that his genetic material should be cul de sac'd

regularly is a habit and if you're not even addicted it's inexcusable


Still wood ofc but she is the type that turns from lithe to scrawny relatively early in life.

She's not late 30s, she's 37. And she has a nanny, a stylist, a secretary, a shopper and a hairdresser. I think she can look better, but let's face it, she looks pretty good

"She's not late 30s, she's 37"

Is Dawn Handbags back on RoF?

haha I was about to say the same thing, woo



obviously 33 was still early thirties but we round down that's the rule

it goes 123 early 456 mid 789 late, those are the rules as laid down by King John in Magna Carta

No no no

30/31/32 is early

33/34/35/36/37 is mid

38/39 is late

And -0 is that age and nothing else. I am 40. I am not in my early 40s I am 40 and not a jot older 

Woo no1 cares what a free pass passer from Holland thinks

that said I could lean towards William being termed late 30s cos of the hair situation


Wang, I don't care u don't care. Imma tell you anyways.

I agree on 33. Add that to early 30s.

heh at u lot

anything up to 35 - early 30s

35 - mid

anything over - late 30s


nonsense, QE, I will accept 37 is arguable (although my argument is the correct one) but 36 is mid

alright when I turn 46 this year I will still consider myself mid40s just for you wink

47 though = late 40s


no it doesn't! 48 is late 40s.

unless you are a handsome man.

man, I don't relish being over the age I am now, you know. 33 was about optimal. This mindset is sexist I need to rejig it.

age is just a number, who cares

I think when you get to the point that you meet new trainees and you're old enough to be their mother, you just think, fukkit

I think it is increasingly hard because of the cult of youth

If you're not a 30 under 30 what are you etc. And every time I try to understand coding or SEO or digital design I feel like oh God whatever happened to things of genuine and tangible value! the economy no longer feels solid (I know it hasn't actually been for years but it's discernable now)

also, as we were discussnig a few days ago, so many middle-aged people are just sagging into their lot, accepting it for what it is. All the hope for change atrophies and you are just left wrinkley and cantankerous and wondering if you should be worried about the blood in your poo.

She looks old.

But clergs looks old too.

This is why men of distinction and accomplishment go for women in their early-mid twenties.

Yes I pulled earlier and am meeting her for an imaginary dinner at an imaginary restaurant and I shall imagination not shag her tonight because she is imaginarily a decent longer term prospect.

He does look a bit like holbein's henry viii tbf

It's not all about the under 30s. When you get to proper middle age like me, you don't even really know what goes on in the lives of under 30s


30 thirty

31,32,33 early thirties

34,35,36 mid thirties

37,38,39 late thirties

40 forty

anything else and you're kidding yourself (but usually nobody else)

not me, I'm going to be one of those mental mad old biddies

seriously, the older you get the less you care about shit like this

I happen to believe that clergs is absolutely beautiful.

I also believe that Cherie Lunghi is beautiful.

Doesnt stop Cherie being old.  Nor Clergles.

The fact that when I fell out of the ugly tree I hit every single damn branch on the way down does not contradict my view on age.


*has beautiful gf 14 years younger than self*

*is smug*

no, it's because someone your own age would tell you to fuck off

Sorry, just to confirm that this isn’t a weird American cult thing.  I have actually met clergs. More than once. And in my opinion (rather than ‘I believe’). She is a beautiful lady.

It is ridiculous to describe either Clergs or Kate Middleton as "old". You were being deliberately provocative. It would probably be more cutting if it didn't come from someone who, in their own words, hit every branch of the ugly tree on his way down.


Right. Get off my thread, all of you. This was meant to be a K8 tribute thread.

I am pleased to be able to confirm that Clergs is both beautiful AND


And that that Liz Truss is a minx 

Liz Truss is surprisingly generously breasted if you look. But I still wouldn’t.

I am someone's beautiful younger girlfriend so ner 

I think I have reverse rofism but the older and fatter and balder I get the harder I find it to discuss “wood nots” without inwardly collapsing into a singularity of cringe. 

I have no problem listing “woods” though. Nothing to be ashamed of there. 

see, I find there is a reverse correlation between men who readily say "wood not" and men who are actually hot themselves

so, things are looking good for you on that front, zg

like, a hotty isn't going to spend their time denigrating randoms, they will be focused on all the fun wooding

Actually breaking my own rules a bit I think it’s fine as a fat bald middle aged (when does that start exactly or is that another thread?) lawyer to “wood not” someone famous if you wood not them because they’re an awful human being or a Tory or something. 

So I would not Liz Truss or Esther McVey. 

I find Liz Truss's impishness quite appealing

she knows she's ridiculous and she's styling it out

Totally wood liz truss.  But it would need to be in a kind of Patrick Bateman threesome with Louise mensch where I kill them all at the end with a chainsaw.

39 is late thirties

anything from 35 to 39 is mid

40 is thirty ten



just you lot wait until its you



The forties can be quite an eye opener.  Not quite midway through but it’s been fun.

Tecco- just walked past Lucy Verasamy . Looking very nice!

She looks radiant

Also, having just googled that pic, I note that in a move almost designed to enrage you clergs, she has had a bryony plant tattoo, and has legally given herself "Bryony" as a middle name


god she's a fandango

Lucy, or as I like to refer to her, the future mrs Tecco, does not need to lower herself to communicate with the likes of you.  She is above it.

I just reread one of her ptsd articles and she is back in the ugh book

Kate’s head is out of proportion with the rest of her for some reason.

Wang you sycophant stop bowing and scraping. Holbein's Henry VIII? Finally we understand why Teccers thinks he has broad shoulders, because of people like you flattering him.