If the Tories really are completely wiped out at the next GE.
Donny Darko's … 13 Feb 24 08:20
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Let's say they end up with less than100 seats. I still don't think that is what will happen but it's really not impossible now.  I am interested to know what the more active tories on here think will happen at that point. Does the party fall apart/split?  Does anyone have a feel for how many headbangers vs relative sanes are in super safe seats? 

It is true the polls do narrow, however to set against that is tactical voting which the polls do not reflect.    The abhorrence for this government amongst the majority of the electorate is visceral.    Voting a Tory MP out is of far more importance to most people than voting a Labour or Lib Dem MP in.   Tactical voting is going to be huge - this was demonstrated in these by-elections where Labour was the only realistic winner and the lib dems barely registered.