I know, you're all bored of me, but....

This is such a powerful piece, perhaps it will help you understand some of what I ramble on about.  It's about being sectioned.  This lady's story is quite different to mine.  She suffered sexual abuse as a child whereas I didn't, but both I and my brother were basically beaten up as kids.  My dad didn't really know any difference.  

The most scary part, really scary actually is that until last year I didn't know how wrong what had happened to us actually was.  My brother has been in counselling for 20 years.  Kind of him to have mentioned this, heh.  Twat.

Anyway, here's the link,  it's not an easy read but it's worthwhile,



I read this yesterday Tecco. As you say, it's a tough read but ultimately hopeful.

Get counselling for the bad time your father gave you, if you haven't had it already. And don't leave ROF. There is always someone here ready to listen to you, even if it's just a middle aged Welsh woman with a rather distracted air who spouts random rubbish.

Mate, I've had a lot of help.  My moment right now is, I believe, a reaction to something that happened just before Christmas which I completely ignored at the time but is now affecting me.  

Im on the maximum clinical dose of two anti depressants and an antipsychotic and I have an assigned community psychiatric nurse. There really isn't much more that can be done, lol.  I'll be fine, just, meh, hating things at the minute.

And, I think, because in particular it is related to my last job in law, that's why I am drawn to rof.  Maybe it's just a legal thing, I dunno, but a few horrible things have happened to people I really admired and it's just messing with my head.


You will get through this Tecco m8. Keep on taking your meds and don't isolate yourself. At least that's what I tell Young Gwenners. Easier said than done though.

I moved from Tecco Towers and bought a house by the beach to stop myself being isolated, and yeah, still isolated!

Brilliant.  I think I'm going to go stay with my mate in France, at least then I won't be alone, and hey, maybe she has some pretty friends. ;)

As Gwen says, you can always count on us big lad.  from me it will mainly be insults but that's what I do to my real friends too.

Tell us about recent fishing


I'd be disappointed if you didn't insult me at this stage mate.

Not fished for a few days, just too windy and also Jasper has taken upon himself to 'help' by jumping in.  Last time I went out with my mate Nigel was over in Hayle estuary.  It's Bass season but because of a rule change we aren't actually allowed to keep them anymore.  Absurdity because commercial fishing vessels can, within quote. Anyway, picked up a few gurnard and some bream, but the gilthead still eludes me.  All my adult life I've fished and never caught one.  

Of course you can Teclis. I've never met you, but happy to. The stories we could tell etc.

Wang is a bit of a sh1t stirrer on here, but basically sound.