How many good-looking MPs are there?

Do they exist. 

Bozza’s PPS (the one who was sending emails saying he supported getting Pen Farthing’s animals out of Afghan) is a very talented lady.

Rayner, obvs.

Is Raab quite good looking?  If it's possible to imagine his person occupied by a completely different personality, intellect and ethical spirit, of course.

I have to disagree with you there Fluffy. Rory Stewart is very pleasant, but extremely odd looking.

Julian Smith was quite hot in his younger years but doesn't seem to be ageing like a fine wine.

I'm taking on board the whole man Anna...

...his face is a little skewed but he has a fine soul.

Eilidh Whiteford has the hearty healthy look of someone who could warm the bed...

Actually scrap Eilidh... ...I'm going for her boss, if only I could see what she really looks like behind that mask laugh

I'm not dissing him at all Fluffy (have met him several times), but if you go for Rory Stewart you are definitely going for personality rather than looks, in my opinion.

Luke Evans is a decent looking bloke in good nick. 

Kirstene Hair is pretty fit. 

And I absolutely wood La Mordaunt. 

Penny Mordaunt's hair sometimes looks great and sometimes looks awful (which I can completely empathise with tbh), whereas Esther McVey's is consistently bouncy and well-groomed.

+ 1 for Mordaunt.

Andrea Jenkyns was quite good looking when first elected but has since been sampling the cream cakes in the tea rooms too liberally.

How very dare we all comment on the physical attributes of MP's.  I am off to think on my sins for a minute or two.

Re Rory Stewart, in person he moves very strangely. He cannot remain still and makes lots of little jerky movements like a small kid who is desperate for the toilet. I never worked out whether they were actually tics or he was just overcaffeinated. 

Dominic raab has that very good looking in some lights / animated corpse in others thing a lot of posh skinny English blokes have 

sunak is short but objectively quite handsome 

Daniel Poulter is the best looking tory backbencher (have snogged)


A google images search for Nicole Minetti (which I heartily recommend) is bordering on NSFW, Fluffy.

If we're including third country Parliaments, I'll nominate Lesia Vasylenko, who set my heart aflutter on C4 News this week.

Although I suspect her twitter profile pic is a study in what can be achieved with expert make up and airbrushing.

because of the peculiar politics groupie thing, any that are vaguely attractive are massive sleaze bags who are deeply unpleasant people.

Mrs Splash once snogged Luke Evans on a uni night out. She is now rooting for him to be PM one day so she can bring this up at parties. 



Though I would say to Ms Radlett that Daniel Poulter looks like Quark from Deep Space 9 so validation: DENIED.

I used to know a Tory MP (when we were around 18) who was good looking at the time but now looks very goofy in an Ed Miliband sort of way.

"A google images search for Nicole Minetti (which I heartily recommend) is bordering on NSFW, Fluffy"

...she could lie to me all day.

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Bim Afolami is very handsome

I played football, briefly, at University with Bim. Wasn't the worst player (he played at right back in our first match of the season, from memory). Didn't massively fancy the physical side of the game though, which is mostly why he only played briefly. My main memory is him breaking off mid-way through a training session to speak to a tutor he'd spotted walking along a path adjacent to the pitch. When he returned, he explained that she had mentored him through his application after leading a summer 'access visit' that he'd attended. This intrigued us, given that Bim had been to Eton. He drifted away from football and into University politics fairly quickly. Good looking lad, agreed.

Mad Nad is good for her age scrubs up well always well dressed subject to the Raab caveat of course 

Johnny mercer is ok looking but he looks SO university rugby team bantz type which I find repugnant as humans, I just could not 

P Patel is pretty, although politically unattractive.

I can’t get with the Rayner thing she looks too much like my sister.

Her best days were before she became an MP and I can't nominate her because she no longer is an MP, but Gloria del Piero.

Nadine Dorries, while aged, is conventionally good looking. I also think Penny Mordaunt is attractive.

Rosina Allin Khan. Striking looks (though not in all the pictures of her) With the personality to match. 

hundred percent agreed re Mensch

really cute and probably too likeable to be a tory

I wood 

she looks like a woman you could believable meet irl

but would fancy the fvck out of

I also like a dirty blonde (ie dark roots)

Mensch ticks a lot of boxes actually. If you’re reading this, Louise, call me.

I was at law school with Bim. He was nice enough, but you just knew he only cared about you if you were useful to his ambition. He was totally open that his training contract and stint in law was just a stepping stone to politics. He was incredibly confident and a total bluffer. Always answered a question with a question.

He told he'd learnt that at Eton...

Why has nobody mentioned Tamsina Ahmed-Skeikh? “

Erm… you did, Dux. This morning. Can you smell toast?

(Good shout on la Ahmed-Sheik BTW)

Angela Rayner's probably only 7/10, but just has a look about her that says she'd give you a very good time after lights out