Holly very hurt by Phil’s lies


Expect her PR working overtime this weekend.

War in Ukraine, cost of living, energy bills sky high, inflation still high, job insecurity (or lack of jobs), massive personal indebtedness, unaffordable rents, insufficient  public transport in my area...

So, it is difficult for people to give a fook, now or at any time in future. The fooking Tories welcome the distraction, as does the Murdoch and Rothermere press.

Should Holly be policing her colleagues sex life? Affairs are pretty common in this industry aren’t they? 

Holly has that innocent but oh so guilty thing going on, which is why she’s box office and Phil is very replaceable.

The good thing about Holly is that she’s age appropriate so you can gush about her without people calling you a perv. 

see also: Hannah Waddingham and Alisha Dixon.

Yeah I like Holly cos she's auld but seems sexy and youthful so I can kid myself on that it's feasible across the board (just as long as no bastard ever pulls the dust sheets off my mirrors).

The only thing what could be hurt by Phil's lies is her Bank balance.  And while we are on the subject, it makes sense why Celebrity Juice was discontinued recently.

What Peat Marwick said.

An acquaintance of mine owns a very successful carpet fitting and instalation business . He and one of his employees 2 weeks ago re- carpeted her house in Barnes.

She insisted on checking all the measurements AGAIN, stood over them watching what they were doing for 15 minutes at a time, throughout the day. ( It was a 3 day job). Refused to offer drinks, and complained about them listening to KISS FM, whilst they were working and she was in another room in another floor. She held back initially some of the final payments as she wanted them to return the off/excess carpets. There weren't any as they measured precisley what was needed 8 weeks prior.

She complained at the lead in time. Said company has been going 30 years and recently took the business over from his family, they employ 25 people on the books, and have more work than they can deal with.

He said she is a diva and a arrogant aunt.

Well she once said that the melting ice cream in one famous pic of her wasn’t supposed to be suggestive of jizz. So I guess we’re all just living in a house of lies then. 

With reference to Holly and carpetgate, I can appreciate that Celebs don't like to be ripped off. However, not providing drinks (tea, coffee), does seem to be very cheesepairing. I suspect in coming months see will need to economize.

I watch tradesmen for more than 15 minutes at a time but that’s because I’m fascinated with seeing how they do things.