Have I had the Vuvu? Place your bets here!

Got my testing kit for the Imperial college antibody test.  Put a bit of blood on a test kit and a couple of drops of something else and in ten minutes you know.

Relevant information

1.  I work from home anyway and in lockdown didnt' really go out.

2. I did however help at a food bank and, latterly, I've been a cleaner on a covid ward.

3. If I've had it, I've been asymptomatic.

4. Since lockdown ended I've been in an office regularly and out and about.

5. I've never had the flu or a bad cold, only thing I've had is mild sniffles a couple of times.  I have never had any childhood infectious diseases.  I tend to be quite resistant.

Choice is binary, it's a "to win" bet only... "You've had it" or "You haven't had it"

I'll do the test tonight.



I'm with you.... I don't think I've had it either.  Would be a nice surprise if I had!

You haven't had it

and even if you have the jury's still out on whether you can get it again


Very limited evidence of non immunity I thought.  

but I'm unlikely to have had it.

Why won't you do the test now?  HOW CAN YOU DELAY?  PRICK YOURSELF GODDAMMIT! 

Does this tell u if you’ve had it or whether u have antibodies? 

Whether I have antibodies and whether I've had it I think.  It's the imperial college study.

If it’s the ReAct study then they say “could” show whether you’ve had it but it’s not conclusive. 

“At the moment we don’t know how reliable these tests are and so the study is only looking at how easy the tests are to use, not the results of the test.

This means a positive test result does not necessarily mean you have had COVID-19 or that you are protected from getting it again, and a negative test result does not necessarily mean that you have not had COVID-19. Whatever your test result, it is important that you continue to follow the current Government advice that applies to you. This is why we are testing the accuracy of these kits and asking participants to not take any action or choose not to take an action based on the result.

Based on previous experience with other similar viruses, the presence of antibodies most likely does confer some level of protection, although we don’t know to what extent or for how long. We hope that this study will further our understanding of this.”

(That was about the stage 1 test - result seemed to be that -

These could correctly identify individuals with coronavirus antibodies over 80% of the time, while also correctly ruling out those who don’t in more than 98% of tested individuals.)



Did you wear a mask whilst cleaning the ward?

If yes. You are clean.

If no. I've been in you. 

Rona... full ppe and a weekly test so I've not had it since I got the marigolds out 

Doggers you swine! Hit me with some knowledge.

Doggers has clearly bled to death trying to take the test. Another sad Covid casualty smiley

Doggers mate. Make sure they mark your death certificate as 'covid related'.

for clergs

Bump. It’s a fucking disgrace we haven’t had closure on this. 

The kits like a pregnancy test, except you use a drop of blood...

I reckon I had equal chance of getting a positive result from either type of test. 

So the answer is.....negative. no short term or long term antibodies in my system.