Happy Thursday!

Last day of sunshine so let's make the most of it folks!

Up to my (non-existent) nuts in work... but hey ho!

Please give a sad singleton a holiday destination for July preferably Europe but not exclusively.... just a bit of a relax and stuff to see...

I fancy a getaway...


City break to Vienna?  Compact enough to cover on foot and oodles of culture.  If you wanted to take in the opera or the full Spanish riding school experience you'll need to book well in advance. 

I am seriously considering sacking off work and taking a cheeky day's holiday tomorrow.  I seriously CBA.

In fact, you know what?  Fuck it. I'm doing it right now.

Vienna sounds good!


Abbs... you know how anti-social I am... that is a circle of hell for me.  I once when on a 48 hour cruise in milford sound NZ... I felt trapped and hid in my cabin.  All of those pushy happy people trying to integrate you and you can't escape... *shudders at memory*