Finally quit

City law to go inhouse. Fairly anxious about learning a new job (I’m institutionalised) and having made the wrong decision and given up the opportunity to earn loads of dollars bossing the EQT in the future. Share with me your (positive) stories about leaving the city or starting new jobs? Hopefully makes for a refreshing change from debating what type of racist Priti Patel is. 

You will probably have a life outside of work. You'll probably still earn a decent wedge.

I'm sure it will be fine.  I'm still in PP but gave up worrying about fabulous wealth and bossing EQT to be the good old perma-associate in the corner who's totally overqualified for what they do.  Still hopeful that I'll eventually wangle an in house with a friend's business in a related sector.

you will be able to spend lots more time talking to people who are fucking idiots.  You will feel super clever for 3 weeks, then lonely. 


plus you get to forward on an email to external lawyers at 6 pm on a Friday going "can you turn for first thing Monday please" (or sooner for the lolz).

you get to work out which firm does the best free brekkie with their breifings.


Heh @ clubbers 

That was genuinely my favourite thing about moving into PE.

We used to actually save shit up specifically for that purpose.

I have a great memory of my boss, the head of Europe, calling me into his office at 4:30pm on a Friday to make me check through an email he had written and then when I made a couple of minor changes he was like “let me just make one addition” and gave a timetable of four days with the immortal words “this will make him fucking rage”.

Such joy.

Congrats on making the move.

City law is full of disgruntled, bitter, overworked drones. Whilst you'll encounter some of those inhouse as well you'll also encounter far more balanced, happy and contented people with lives outside of work. Become one of those.

Agreed.  And this is probably the only area of thought in the entire omniverse about which I know more than you so I’m going to revel in it.

Altho to be completely accurate I doubt you know much about the world of fallout or the world of wahammer/gaming in general.  But this and gaming? Yeah man I boss you.


Imagine all those private practice people suddenly crying out for Friday night drinks and being imaginarily silenced...


Wang you know exactly where I used to imaginarily work. 

And for once I wasn’t using that term ironically.  I mean I don’t think I ever did any real work there ever.

”That’ll be a couple of hundred thousand a year please”


Oh look Teclis is claiming to know more about something than someone else...

Nine years for me. Hard to imagine what it will be like to have a life outside of work....I can see why prisoners reoffend. 



Um, I'm in-house and seem to be the only one here with the view that in-house doesn't necessarily mean less hours. Maybe I'm just being shafted but to me the hours are very comparable with those I did in PP. 

That said, there's definitely:

(1) more flexibility: easy to get away for stuff like kids plays, dentists, sports days etc. No issues at all.

(2) no timesheets (whoop)

(3) less lawyers (good), but more business / sales folk (not always good)

On the downside, there's also less support, virtually no admin help, no PSLs, and you're expected to know about everything. You're a lawyer, and it's the law, so you must be an expert in it. ALL of it.

Dusty.  Would you please note that I suggested that the previous poster knew more than me about pretty much everything except for gaming (of which he has no interest) and Private Equity - an industry I have not only been involved with in the legal side (my first ever deal was a sale of a business to trade that had been subject of a PE MBO) but have actually worked and invested in myself.  

Jesus bloody Christ.

I thought Ebitda was the resident PE (and Bristol parking) expert

Ebitda is the expert of everything it appears.  There’s others on here that know more about PE than I, but mutters, despite his many talents and life experiences, is not one of them.


You can string PP lawyers along you may give them work.

Is moving from law to PE common

common? It's positively chavvy!