Is something you'll never hear me say.

Hmmm. Even if you ate all the bits of the lego Death Star and had to endure it as they inexorably made their fiendishly sharp and pointy way out? 

Why would I do that?  I'm a perv, but I'm not sick!

They have warnings on the boxes. Maybe as well as age (under five or something) they should add some people who post on the website RollonFriday.

Good point, Chambo.  Along with a big sign saying "DO NOT EAT THE STICKERS".

I don't know. Maybe you were hungry and thought "ooh! Is that a lego Death Star? I could totally go for a bit of that with some hot sauce or ketchup. Om nom nom!" And then you'd eat it and bobs your uncle. Hypothetically. 

It can't be that unlikely or they wouldn't have the warnings.