do you prefer watching films at the cinema or at home

I?  Definitely at the cinema - because I watch without distractions and the screen is bigger than my iPad.

Although it is expensive and sometimes other patrons annoy me.

I saw Widows yesterday - have a huge girl crush on Elizabeth Debicki

Tbf if you had updated your telly since the mid 90s it might be more of a choice

i have a telly wider than the knot on wangs tie, its literally HUUUUUGE

Not mid 90s, it was purchased in 2001.  I still haven't been able to fix the sound. I had noticed that modern TV programmes aren't designed for the size of screen.  I miss any action which takes place the periphery of a scene.

Good man flash.  assume it's linked up to some sort of surround sound/sound bar/sub woofer arrangement

At home. You can't really pause a film at the cinema if you need a comfort break. And there are other people everywhere, I'm not too keen on other random people.

I have become a bit of a cinema snob though, I only really like Curzon (esp Victoria) cinemas, with lots of space.

Depends on the film,but generally better experience watching at home 

when you say depends on the film, what factors are you referring to?

Sticky seat cinemas haven't been around for some time if that's what you were thinking judo.

At home.  Other People are annoying.

Also since I finally converted to Guru Wang's religion of massive chavtelly a year or so ago and wired up an old but decent stereo amp and speakers to it (along with a 500 watt subwoofer) over the summer my tv room practically IS a cinema now.

Even though I have a massive telly, I much prefer the cinema.

It makes me sit and watch the film, at home I just get distracted and end up half watching.

there's an everyman 5 mins from my house, which is ace for watching films from a sofa with a bottle of wine and a pizza

though, now i think about it, thats a bit like watching a film at my house....i suppose i could just invite a  load of strangers over and it would basically be the same

there was a trailer for a French film about a group of teenagers who attend a creative writing course - looks really good.

Certain films with a lot of cgi are better viewed in the cinema imo 

Flashers, I used to live 5 mins from the Electric cinema which had the same sort of set up and was very nice.  By contrast, the Gate Notting Hill was such a terrible cinema.

the Gate is AWFUL. i went to see The kings Speech at the coronet and Kate Moss was in the queue behind me. she was proper skanky, as were the people she was with

I went to an Everyman once. Two tickets, two small beers and some popcorn put me £53 in the hole, fuck that. 

I love seeing films on the big screen but cba most of the time tbh

Plus you seem to get rinsed these days and there’s so much stuff available for home