Death pool for episode 3....

Greyworm or Mel but not both.


Nymeria - saving Arya who has plot armour 



Gilly & young Sam (and anyone else hiding in the crypts).


I completely agree that the irony of hiding in a crypt from the dead is something that will be exploited.

1. Theon

2. Tormund

3. Beric

4. Tyrion (shock!)

5. The Night King

oh good shout on GW / Mel. They're far too happy / in love plus planning the future holidays. Certain death for them

“Oh ok so we are fighting a necromancer well I’m sure all the women and children will be safe in a fecking crypt full of dead people”

Pure genius plan....

Yeah the bit where they talk about going back to naath and living on a beach basically doomed one of them I’m sure.

I am going for Sam, taking out the night king to save Sneuuurr but taking a cruel wound.  


presumably you mean Missandei rather than Mel

unless you are subscribing to 'the little girl with the scarred face is actually Melisandre' theory

Yes sorry brain error!  And I don’t think I do subscribe to that theory, it’s tempting but I have a feeling Mel could be providing a Deus ex Machina by showing up with a bunch of fire priests.  I don’t like that thought one bit but it could very easily happen.

yes I've seen a lots of stuff about the Night King really wants a showdown with the Lord of Light as the dead are playing their own 'game of thrones'


Yeah, and it kinda sucks that Bran has made this claim that the NK just wants to kill him because of his memories or whatever, that’s really lazy writing and I hope is not the case.

Lord of Light brings dead to life, Night king brings dead back to living death, fire ice ying yang - surely there is going to be a direct bust up between them?

the whole three eyed raven thing is so zzzzzzz

I reckon all the secondary characters will be wiped out and only those that have been in it since season 1 will remain

Not sure, thing is the Night King isn’t even in the books, he was just put in the show to represent the existential threat of the Others.  There is a “great Other” who is this sort of god like thing but GRRM specifically said he won’t prove any religions to be real in his work.

As the show is following the broad brush strokes of the plot outline for the books, it’ll be interesting to see how they get there.  If the NK just randomly dies and everyone then goes “ooh and now Cersei” I think most fans will feel robbed!  

Im hoping for some more info on the 3ER and NK contention personally. 

I actually really hate the fantasy element and just like the medieval politics bit so I would love it if they did that


What was the deal with Arya's scars and why did they bring up the subject of Mellisandre?


Was that Mellisandre glamouring as Arya? Surely she's there somewhere?

I agree Queenie, I don't mind the Dragons and a little bit of sorcery just to show the rules are not exactly the same as earth but I find the whole nightking zombie thing far less interesting than the war of the roses stuff.

"GRRM specifically said he won’t prove any religions to be real in his work."

Hasn't the series already departed from this with Jon and the other geezer coming back to life?

Nope, raising the dead could just be magic rather than religion.  Sure she’s praying to the lord of light, but it could easily be her own power doing it rather than some god character, she just doesn’t realise it.  

what about the geezer in the gang who kept coming back to life?

Beric?  He had a fire wizard too, although Thoros died sadly, a shame as I loved that mad drunk!

Aren't the scars on Arya from getting stabbed by the broom wielding lass who used to beat her up all the time training to be faceless.

Well that's what I thought, but then they made some quip about Melissandre, so wondered what the connection was.

e06, GW scattering Missie's ashes on some beach in Naath.

I think the melissandre thing was just about her having done "stuff" to gendry.

Yeah she drugged him, fiddled with his bits and then put leeches on his winky.  Not nice really.

The Waif stabbed Arya in the stomach though, scars were on her back

adding to theory that Arya is not really Arya

or so the interweb reckons

some of this stuff has got to be the showrunners fucking with us 

Yeah that’s a theory I’ve never been able to give much time to.  How would she know so much about arya’s life including random stuff like hot pie.  I think it’s just conceivable that she had scars from her training tbh.

So where is the Red Witch?


She is the only major character still unaccounted for (apart from Daario Naharis).

Think she buggered off to Volantis after she got banned from the North by Jon Snurrrr.

Daario is still just garisson guard whoever Dany left him.

she's in the cast list so she'll be back at some point.


as they used to say in Smash Hits

Good trivia point here, did you know that the (utterly gorgeous) actress who plays her is actually married to Mike from neighbors.


Not sure about mad, eccentric it seems and yes dutch.  And stunning. 

I saw her on thronecast thing once and she did seem weirder than the character she plays.