David Attenborough saying

“We cannot be radical enough...”

It’s making me nervous, m4s. So far my way of dealing with all the depressing climate change predictions has been to put fingers in my ears and go lalalalalala...

The sacrifices one must make if one believes all this is true are just too great. I envy people who sincerely believe there is no problem whatsoever, as well as those who believe the sky pixie will sort it all out.




Or just don’t have kids and shout “fuck the world!”

Or just don’t have kids and shout “fuck the world!”


That's my philosophy.More human beings just proliferates misery. How many iterations of the Thirty Years' War, the Ukrainian famine, the Holocaust, Cultural Revilution and Pol Pot do we need?

Team Thanos!

We’ve already cut down on non-essential long distance air travel. We try to buy locally produced veg and fruit as much as possible and have cut down meat intake. Also trying to avoid plastic as much as possible. For the first time in I don’t know how many years I’ve actually put the sewing kit to use. We also try to buy long lasting, good quality clothes, rather than short-lived “fashion” items, although we’re not necessarily rich enough to afford not to buy new clothes and shoes every few months (channeling Terry Pratchett there, in case that is lost on someone).

Is that enough? It isn’t, is it.

Hence *lalalalalalala*

We actually cannot be radical enough - that is, we're not capable of doing it. We're locked into some bad stuff.

What I find odd is that when you hear people talk about GDP growth for instance there is this unchallenged assumption that populations need to grow. No matter how good our intentions are when populations soar in growth the world is clearly screwed.

Isaac Asimov addresses this in his book ‘Caves of steel’.  Huge hive cities with billions of population, sealed off from the outside with most food provided by yeast products.

You really are quite the idiot aren’t you.

Which village is missing you?

Give it a few years and the big problem will be how to dispose of the bodies

Turn them into food, of course. Why waste the protein?

So HBH, will you be joining Extinction Rebellion in October when they hold the next wave of protests across London?

"You what?" 

That's my favourite question. I use it quite a lot as you might imagine. 

That and "Eh?"

Very versatile they is. Almost any debate can be managed to perfection with them two interrogatories.