Cricket World Cup

I just discovered that this is 

A) happening

B) apparently in England

c) we’re in the semi-finals

Am I the only one? How have they managed to make a home World Cup such a complete cultural non-event?

Because it's on Sky, whereas in the old days cricket was on BBC1 all day. If it coincided with Wimbers, they'd move it to BBC2. Then Channel 4 took over, but now no-one can watch it (except the highlights).

Duxta I am fairly sure u can get sky in guildford

It's all over the printed press if you still bother reading it.

Wang - in fact in our street (somewhat bizarrely) you can only get Sky or Virgin, as there's no Freeview. However, that aside, most people aren't going to pay extortionate sums.

It's true. It's a cause of some consternation for all the neighbours but actually it's no big deal really.

George Dobell explained it in this piece…

But they've been hidden for too long and it will take something major - like winning a World Cup - to gain much serious traction beyond the specialist media which is already committed to them. As an aside, it's telling that Giles Clarke - the architect of the decision to sell the game exclusively to a subscription broadcaster - continued to work in the oil and gas industry after leaving cricket. He has, in short, done to the planet what he did to our game: damage its long-term survival for the sake of short-term profit.