cricket hedz - Ireland

do you think Ireland deserve test status?


if yes, how often should we play them?


Interesting as can be compared to the decisions in rugby to admit Italy to the Six Nations or Argentina to the Championship. Yes the decision re Ireland doesn't involve a tournament, but the Italy/ Argentina decisions were big in terms of recognizing their progress and gave them a status they didn't have before. This is turn did huge things for raising the profile of those teams and developing the sport in their nations.

Ireland are a good team and I think it would be good for them and cricket (within Ireland and internationally) to give them test status.

They should organise a tournament for the lesser lights of modern cricket like Kenya, Zimbabwe (sadly) and Australia and let the Irish earn their stripes against them before they play with the big boys.

Tough one.  Obv I fully expect Ireland to turn up at Lord's and give England a proper thumping, but I can't see them having much hope in India or Oz.

We should play Ireland and other minnows like Australia as often as we play decent sides like NZ and Bangladesh.

Following Ireland on tour in the Windies might sneak onto my sporting bucket list