Clifford Chance PR jam on p42 of the Times

Announcing their 4.3% growth and £1.62m PEP 

This is not the first time they’ve managed to capture the Times’ business (not law) editor’s attention with an article that is not an article on performance but an exercise in PR. Layton’s comments on the trade war between US and China being a bigger headwind in the making than Brexit is a good point. The rest of the five columns is empty carbs. 

I love these headline grabbing PEP figures,they are a tad misleading at best. How many of their 456 equity partners make £1.6MM?

Everything in the Times is PR.  Journalism is printing what the subject doesn't want printed, everything else is PR.

bl00dy hell he's aged.

I spent 18 months of my life working every waking hour (and there weren't many sleeping hours) on a deal with him.  he was the partner on legal side. very nice and very capable

having said that it was now the thick end of 20 years ago so that's not entirely surprising. fvck i'm old. but not as old as him




It's not really even good PR as they're not a listed company with a share price to maintain and how many clients want to hear they've been fleeced an extra 5%? It just makes me think we need to reduce our spend with them. So the article is basically massaging the egos of the equity partners.

I suppose if you're earning £1.62m you can afford to employ someone to do that.

These guys are the fortunate beneficiaries of 10 years of Central

Bank money printing which saved most of their clients from bankruptcy at the taxpayers expense

Every night they should be praying before little figurines of Gordon Brown 

We used to bash these things out all the time at CC. Someone would print it. Just because they are so big.

Others did it too.

I'm not sure I need to hear about you bashing one out at CC.