Christopher Chope's penis

Harsh. Maybe just chop half of it off without anaesthetic. Nothing wrong with a little harmless circumcision.

I think the whole thing then stitch up the hole with a thorn

Fair enough if he has a principled opposition to all private members' bills and objects to all of them. But if he doesn't object to his mates' private members bills and only objects to some of them (as appears to be the case), then he's a massive tool. 


That said, lol@ the FGM campaigner who had a text message conversation with him and personally insulted him and his character in literally the same message where she asks him to change his mind. Yeah, that'll work to persuade him, won't it..

It should be irrelevant whether he changes his mind or not. It should not be possible to abuse our parliamentary processes in this manner.

No, seriously.  He is a dreadful old dinosaur whose objection to PMB is a 'principle' that doesn't apply to his mates' bills but is inflexible when it applies to women's issues.

He is a grade A shit.

Do we know if this Alex Wickham character has a gf? If not, we need to hook him up with Phoebe. He resembles a certain someone.

Love the pic at the top of Alex W's twitter page.


Peter Bone is another chopper, btw.  He gives me the creeps.

Who do you think he looks like?

I was thinking a blond (younger) Alan Cumming

Peter Bone is just a comedian really.  The jokes about Mrs Bone, made all thenmore funny by her now being elected, he isn't a serious politician at all. 

Who do you think, mr Strutter?? Cannot unsee Alan Cumming now tho.

Soz Clergs. 

Stru were you always this much of a reactionary throwback fucker or have you grown into the role?

But if he doesn't object to his mates' private members bills and only objects to some of them (as appears to be the case), then he's a massive tool.

Fvck me the world is dishonest these days (though hats off to the Guardian who did at least print the facts even if it was buried in the full article as opposed to all the bits that got more prominence).

Multiple people making the point "oh he didn't object to his mates' bills". 

Someone else objected to them - I'm not sure if there is any clarity over whether he had any opportunity to / didn't simply because he knew that there was always a Labour person to object to all the Conservative PMBs.

Which isn't to say he isn't a massive penis / might want to give it a rest on being the dickhead who gets responsibility for objecting to all PMBs involving women's rights.

Wang: Err? 

Arbiter - hadn't thought of that - good point. 

Your comments of late mark you out as an absolute throbbing dicksplat.  if you don't want to be called out for it, don't do it.

I have no idea what you're talking about, or which comments you mean, but you're entitled to your opinion...

suggest you read your most recent comments and reflect

I'm in two minds. To take a principled stand against PMBs in defence of democracy does seem noble tbf. 

Hang on a minute. He's voted in favour of other private members bills? WTF??

This was a Tory bill.  It was nothing to do with just opposing labour back bench bills 

Yeah he just hates women so much he wants more female children to have mutilated genitals

I do not understand why he still has the whip

Even if he has a procedural point to make couldn't he do it in less of a me, me, me, me fuckin' me way without letting more children be maimed?

He definitely and absolutely doesn't even have a kernel of a point

The man is a divot

That is one twat i’d like to see mutilated.