Christians v. Good Omens

20,000 Christians have signed a petition to Netflix to remove Good Omens from their broadcast offering because it "mocks God's wisdom". 

It was on Amazon.

LOL at the loose grip of American fundamentalist Christians on actual facts.


It was so good!  I really really enjoyed it.

I wonder what they made of that film where Alanis Morisette (sp?) is god.

Yep - they objected to Frances McDormand voicing God beacuse she doesn't have a knob.

I think Terry would be rather pleased with this result!

Years ago someone on here linked to some nutty fundamentalist christian film review site that rated for violence, sex, homosexuality, blasphemy etc.

IIRC the review of South Park The Movie was hilarious.  I think they even recommended that kids not watch toy story...

Loved Good Omens. The cast was amazing and so well made. Really liked the story that Terry contacted Neil some time before his death and asked him to write the script as he was the only one who could be trusted. He then started after Terry's funeral.

Massive heh at the suggestion they watch Preacher. They will lose the plot over that one.

The common theme with all of these is that god is either missing or just not really looking like there is a plan or sharing it.

God is beyond the machinations of the beings in Good Omens. Just watching and not getting involved. Narrating only, really. 

I wish they’d stop assuming they have a direct line to some all knowing power. No one knows bugger all about what’s going on. The arrogance of religious types is incredibly. 

I remember that site Wang - although disturbingly, it must have been at least 16 years ago.  Am just trying to find it again.  They were based in Texas and I can't find it now but did find this review of Toy Story (the original):

“Toy Story” began as a bright, light-hearted adventure and turned dark with its evil undertones. While the main characters are fun and children could envision their toys coming to life (and what child—grown or not—hasn't?!) the “bad guy” isn’t just bad—he’s downright evil. I was extremely disappointed in the dark side of life that was brought out—it wasn’t enough that a child takes apart his toys and reassembles them (which isn’t bad) but the darkness that colors the film goes beyond the norm into evil. Personally—I wish I’d never seen the movie. It’s a shame that it couldn’t just be fun.

Lore Dearing, age 40


A girl I went to school with wasn't allowed to see Casper at the cinema due to cartoon ghosts not being in line with her Christian values.

At my A level college, the Christian students (who all went to a loony elim church) used to have long debates about whether it was in line with the teachings of Christ to listen to non-secular music.  They could never agree.  The local CofE vicar's daughter was particularly vociferous about it.  It gratifies me to know that I made her succumb to temptation a couple of years later and went down on her.

"Dogma also claims that God has a sense of humor and at times presents Him as a joker of sorts, thus again lowering Him to human level. While I am certain God has a "sense of humor" since He gave it to us, I find it most difficult to believe He finds humor in sin since He will cast the unforgiven sinner into the lake of fire for eternity. Not very funny at all."




It's people like this who have promoted more intolerance during the span of human history than any atheist would ever be able to achieve.  Except for maybe Hitler.

Having a little chuckle at the thought of Badder's friend on whom he was selflessly performing the act of cumulonimbus doing her best to summon Him.

She certainly sounded like she was talking to god.  Although it was hard to make out the actual words with her thighs clamped over my ears.