Burping babies

By far the most frustrating thing about newborns and my most lacking parental skill. 

This is that new game from the people what gave us Angry Birds.

Suggest lots of tummy time but we were lucky and didn't have a lot of trapped wind

Every time I burped a baby, i burped myself. Weirdest thing.


but back to the original post. More robust than you think. 

I disagree clubbers.  I found the best method was to have baby on shoulder and rub its back whilst jiggling to soft metal hairspray rock (acca dacca, jovi, gnr etc).  The second time you do this you drape a teatowel over the ahoulder to avoid vomback

Gas drops work pretty well. The air comes out the other end but if you haven't burped successfully it was going to anyway.

Youngest is borderline self burping a la maggie simpson

Can be tedious but usually get there in the end

Have you tried using that Infacol jollop before feeding?  Always worked with Badgirl.

surprisingly hard to get a decent burp but really satisfying when you do

Thanks for the advice. Eventually managed to get a burp out of mini ML. Pretty tired today 

Any advice on how to get a 4 year old who is clearly in the burp/fart fase to STOP burping? Or farting for that matter.

Has any nurse or parent shown you how to do the thing like spin-drying the baby? Looks terrifying, works v well.

I walked up and down the stairs with both of mine on the shoulder. Always worked.

Agree it’s v annoying. The good news is that a properly latched breastfed baby needs v little winding. So once he/she is big enough to get a good latch, you’re good to go. 

hold baby under armpits and let gravity pull the rest of their body down with no support. burp every time.  works best with fat babies which most are anyway.

I’m definitely going to give that a go Tam, although by the time mine is fat she’ll probably also have a good latch.

this never works 

they may burp, but if they do it’s entirely coincidental to any efforts you may have made, and it never shuts them up anyway

what you need (although not for raw newborns) is gripe water