Boris v Corbyn - who wins?

As a jew (and someone with more than 1 brain cell) - I fucking hope Corbyn gets pummelled into the ground. 

yeah, but BJ will win, due to a comic stumble or fall, followed by a coherent interview to prove he is ok

In a fair election, that the Murdoch media does not influence - Corbyn. 

In reality - Boris (probably will use some Brexit plus pseudo Islamophobia card to drive a wedge among the voters)

Britain loses.

Dear Monsieur Macron,

It would have been better if Napoleon had won at Waterloo. Will you be our President?

Err while I agree with the sentiment that Britain loses I think the Napoleon thing is a bit much!

On one hand I like the idea of a fairer society which Corbyn would striver for, on the other hand I don’t want to pay VAT on school fees.

so would probably vote BJ